Best Review - Top 8 Elephant Videos at Knoxville TN Zoo


atch the videos I took at the Knoxville Zoo in Knoxville, Tennessee. I visited this zoo on the 24th of June in 2009. After watching the videos, perhaps you will wish to make your own visit to the Knoxville Zoo. There is so much to see and do while you are there that you will definitely feel like it was worth the trip.

Have fun watching the eight videos of the elephants.

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Elephant Throwing and Kicking Football

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Watch the elephant throw and kick a football at the Knoxville Zoo. Listen to the audience cheer. One Mom gives a play-by-play on one of the kicks. Video taken on 6-24-2009.

Top 2

Elephants Doing Tricks

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Watch the Elephants do some amazing tricks like sit up and beg, etc. He rests a bit and eats a peanut or two between tricks. This is 1 of the 3 Elephants who live at the Knoxville Zoo. Video taken on 6-24-2009.

Top 3

Elephants Dancing and Doing Leg Lifts

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Watch the Elephants dance and do leg lifts. These are two of the three Elephants who live at the Knoxville Zoo. Video taken on 6-24-2009.

Top 4

Elephant Waves Red Cloth, Plays Harmonica and Bows

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Watch the Elephant wave a red cloth, play the harmonica and bow. Video taken at the Knoxville Zoo on 6-24-2009.

Top 5

Elephants Eating Peanuts and Interacting with Trainers

Watch these two Elephants eat peanuts and interact with their trainers at the Knoxville Zoo. They all four appear to be good friends. Video taken on 6-24-2009.

Top 6

Watch Three Elephants Outdoors Eating

Watch these three Elephants enjoy the outdoors at the Knoxville Zoo: Edie, Jana and Tonka. Two of them eat peanuts. All three walk and wander. Video taken on 6-24-2009.

Top 7

Elephants Indoors and Up Close

Watch the two elephants in the air-conditioned comfort at Knoxville Zoo. One comes really close. He eyes you eyeing him. He grabs a quick drink of water before joining his friend. See Elephant facts at end of video: name, birth, origin, arrival date, etc.

Top 8

Elephants Sweep Floor to Gobble Green Hay

Watch the two Elephants sweep the floor for green-colored hay. One source says they eat 125 pound of food each day and drink about 30 gallons of water. I wonder how many pounds of hay they ate during this video?

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I hope you enjoyed these zoo videos that I took on the 24th of June of 2009. You may wish to visit the Knoxville Zoo yourself someday. It is definitely worth the trip!

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