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ello and welcome to my lens. Here I will list the top cutest UGG boots that I own and what I think are the cutest and style. Remember when you buy UGG boots always get 1 size down from your original size they tend to stretch overtime.

But here is a small lesson of history on UGG.

The Ugg Boot or just Uggs is a generic term for a style of sheepskin boot which has been produced in Australia and New Zealand for almost 200 years. Originally they were called "Ug or Ugh Boots" which is short for "Ugly". However an American Importer (Koolaburra) presented the idea that the name Ugg comes from the way that the boot "hugs" the wearer's foot and legs. However because of trademark issues, Uggs are more often than not known in the retail world simply as Sheepskin Boots.

In 2003 the boot has become very fashionable in America because of the marketing of the product by an American Company called Ugg Australia (a section of the Deckers Outdoor Corporation). The Ugg Australia Brand was created by Brian Smith who began importing to the USA in the late 1970's. He then sold the company to Deckers Outdoors in 1995. Actresses such as Kate Hudson (pictured wearing them on a poster for Raising Helen in 2004) and Sienna Miller seem to have increased their popularity. This style of footwear has now become a major product in most major department stores and shoes stores across the globe

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#1 UGG Australia Bailey Button Triplet

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Top 2

#2 UGG Boots Bailey Button Triplet Chestnut

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#4 Ugg Classic Tall (Black) - Fleece-lined Boots

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