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oint and shoot digital cameras are the most popular among consumers. They are simple to use and yet offer a variety of features that allow you to be creative and to create photos with great image quality. Here are some of the features that are attracting shoppers to some of the newer digital cameras.

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Back Illuminated Sensors

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Point and shoot digital cameras traditionally have very small sensors. This small sensor can limit image quality and certainly with less light sensitivity, these cameras aren't capable of producing good images in low light situations. However, in the past year some point and shoot manufacturers have added back illuminated sensors. These sensors boost sensitivity and help reduce the amount of "noise" present in low light shots. For better low light and high speed photography, these sensors are ideal.

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Built in Wi-Fi

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Point and shoot cameras with built in Wi-Fi began appearing a couple of years ago. This feature of course allows users to transfer their photos to a compatible printer or computer without having to hook up. Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and Sony all have Wi-Fi point and shoot cameras.

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3D Imaging

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It's difficult to know if this is the wave of the future or more of a novelty, but there are 3D point and shoot cameras now available. You can view the 3D images on the camera itself, print them in 3D via the manufacturer's website, or on a 3D TV. Both Fujifilm and Sony have models with this feature.

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Built-In Printer

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It's reminiscent of the old Polaroid one steps but now there is the Polaroid PoGo which prints it's own images. No printer necessary. It's great for young kids and at parties perhaps. It only creates 2x3 wallet sized images, but it can be a lot of fun.

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Built-in GPS

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In the past couple of years, some point and shoot digital cameras have added integrated GPS. The advantage of this of course, is that you can automatically geotag your photos. You'll never wonder where that shot of Mom standing in front of that statue was taken again. Of course geotagging your photos also helps you organize, and later find them. Panasonic, Sony and Samsung are among the makers of these consumer level GPS cameras.

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Ruggedized Build

Although the typical camera isn't made for rough handling, extreme weather, or moisture of any kinds, some are. Some of these point and shoot cameras can tolerate sub-freezing temperatures, a drop of 10 feet, dust, and even a dunk in water without any negative side effects. If you like taking your camera on hikes, canoe trips, to the beach, or out on the coldest winter days, this type of device might be right for you.

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Underwater Shooting Capabilities

Some cameras will do more than tolerate being doused in water. Some will allow you to take them underwater to capture images of a coral reef or the kids clowning around in the pool. To take along on scuba diving expeditions and so forth, the camera needs to tolerate more pressure so buyers should check the depth at which the camera will operate. Some of the Olympus models are good to 33 feet.

Top 8

Built-In Projector

Many new digital cameras have HDMI ports for hooking your camera up to your HDTV to enjoy your images on the big screen. However, there are times you aren't near your TV or perhaps you don't own an HDTV. In this case, the Nikon Coolpix S1000pj might be worth considering. It has a built-in projector. With it you can enjoy your photos anywhere, anytime.

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While none of the features listed above are necessary for capturing great images, they are things that can be perfect in a given situation.

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I have canon powershot sx210

I have canon powershot sx210 which is also very compact delivers good quality photo but i am looking for a descent DSLR my choice would from EOS family from Cannon.