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good Treadmill is a piece of equipment that never goes out of fashion, or out of use, so you better make sure you get the right one. Another important point is that it's not $19.95, so you won't be able to buy 5 of them until you figure out which one is good...

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HealthRider Club Series H155t

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Entertain your workout with the HealthRider Club Series H155t. With technology that was once only available on health club equipment, this treadmill features a cable-ready TV built-in to the console. Now you can watch your favorite TV shows while you exercise. The H155t also features 32 built-in workouts. Choose between 10 Weight-Loss, 9 Aerobic or 9 Performance Workouts to reach your goals.

Top 2

NordicTrack X5i Incline Trainer

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The NordicTrack X5i Incline Trainer offers a 40% incline so you can burn fat fast! Walking at an incline activates more muscles and is a low-impact workout; it’s easier on your joints. The X5i also features decline training. With a -3% decline, you activate different muscles and burn more calories than you would on a flat surface. To work with both the incline and decline features on this Incline Trainer, the X5i is also equipped with iFit® Live Powered by Google. It’s the only wireless connection between the Internet and home fitness equipment.

Top 3

NordicTrack Elite 9500 PRO

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Welcome to the ultimate treadmill experience, the NordicTrack Elite 9500 PRO. Built for the gym, this treadmill features everything from a powerful 4.0 CHP commercial-grade motor to a spacious 20″ x 60″ treadbelt. Dedicated Solaris™ LED displays quickly track your workout stats so you can concentrate on the finish line and a built-in 7″ TV will help you stay up on the news or your favorite TV shows. The Elite 9500 PRO is designed for your home. It’s designed for your success.

Top 4

ProForm XT 90

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The ProForm XT 90 is built for the body you want. It’s a better, faster way to reclaim your body and your life for half the price of comparable machines with fewer features.

Experts agree that walking at an incline is the best way to burn calories. With the XT 90 you burn 4x the calories compared to walking on a flat surface. Just think—fifteen minutes on the XT 90 equals one hour of walking outside. It’s a no brainer!

Top 5

NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer Treadmill

The NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer comes to life with iFit® Live. Built-in to the console, iFit® Live is the only wireless connection between the Internet and home fitness equipment. iFit® Live allows you to experience trails all over the world. Plus, to simulate the physical features of the terrain, iFit® Live automatically adjusts your incline and decline up to 40% and to a revolutionary -6%. Work out with Jillian Michaels, race against your Facebook® friends and receive automatic workout downloads every day!

Top 6

FreeMotion XTr Treadmill

The FreeMotion XTr is the treadmill with endurance, motivation and success, built-in. Step up to personalized support with the adjustable cushion deck. It will keep you comfortable so you can reach the finish line. Move to the beat of your favorite music with the built-in sound system. The Compatible Music Port for iPod® will keep you inspired to lose weight and stay in shape. The XTr will also help you run faster, jump higher and be stronger with the help of 34 built-in workouts.

Top 7

Freemotion 3000 XLS Treadmill

The Freemotion 3000 XLS Treadmill is luxury personified. Now you can exercise with the power of a 3.5 CHP Commercial Pro Motor, the cardio-efficiency of 2 heart-rate workouts and the calorie-burning capabilities of a 15% incline, allowing you to get the most out of every workout. You also get a commercial-grade, reversible deck, which not only gives you twice the lifespan of a regular deck, but also offers a 350 lb. weight capacity.

Top 8

FreeMotion 3500 XLS Treadmill

The unique Freemotion 3500 XLS treadmill delivers the best in entertainment and performance. Now you can watch your favorite TV programs on this large, flat-screen LCD TV, while experiencing the ultimate in fitness luxury. The 3500 XLS offers incredible comfort and protection with BioStride™ Deck cushioning, lowering impact on your joints by up to 38%, while helping you feel better during and after your workout.

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frank's picture

Very nice list of treadmills,

Very nice list of treadmills, I have recently replace my old treadmill with a new electric one. And its working nice, it also tell me speed, and total distance covered its nice watch our progress...