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he Microsoft SQL Server is a very complex product and it takes years to master it. And when you feel yourself familiar with it, a new release hits the shelves... You must keep up to date with the latest SQL Server tips, tricks and techniques and there some online resources which make your work easier. This list includes websites with useful articles, blog posts, tutorials and guides. Some of them also organize webcasts, conferences and other events.

SQL Server Central, SQL Server Performance, MS SQL Tips and the others employ writers who earned Microsoft Most Valuable Professional titles for their dedicated work.

You will find useful scripts to automatize the daily routine work and implement alerting for errors. Also some mass installation and configuration ideas are shared on these pages.

If you face a problem on SQL Server then chances are high that someone already solved that issue and posted the solution to some of these websites or blogs.

I also added two useful books to the list.

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SQL Server Central

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This is the largest and best known Microsoft SQL Server site. It features articles, scripts, blog posts, videos, forums, job posts, etc. All you need to run your server or to develop new databases is availabe here.

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This sites features a new tip every day. These tips outline step by step how to solve a Microsoft SQL Server related problem. They also publish general tutorials, whitepapers and regularly host webcasts. Their latest addition is the carrer pages.

Top 3

SQL Server Pro

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This sites offers a number of articles, blog posts, SQL related product reviews and many other resources.

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The Professional Association for SQL Server regularly hosts events related to SQL Server like SQL Saturday and SQL PASS conferences. They have a very useful newsletter too. Recently they begin to be active also outside the USA.

Top 5

SQL Server Performance

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This site has a good collection of articles about SQL Server performance and other related topics.

Top 6

Grant Fritchey: SQL Server Execution Plans

The book from Grant is really a must read for SQL Server developers and DBAs.

Top 7

MSDN SQL Server DevCenter

MSDn is the Microsoft network for developers. The SQL Server DevCenter includes large amount of information about the SQL Server.

Top 8

Grant Fritchey: SQL Server Query Performance Tuning

Everything about query performance tuning on your Microsoft SQL Server.

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