Best Review - Top 8 Best Lamp Ideas for Your Home


hoosing a lamp for your home can be a lot of fun as there is so many styles to choose from. It's important , however, to think about what purpose the lamp is to serve. Is it for general lighting, task lighting such as reading or perhaps craft work or is it to be a simple accent light.

Select a lamp that provides the right amount of light and also complements your decor. The right lamp can really help to create the mood and add the finishing touches to your decor.

Whilst table lamps are very popular for just about any room, you should also take a look at what floor lamps are available. Floor lamps have the advantage of needing less space and are portable.

Once you've decided what type of lamp is right for your needs, it's time to go shopping.
These pages are my favorite selection of great lamps.

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Stained Glass Floor Lamps

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Most people love stained glass, so what could be easier than having a stained glass floor lamp to bring a little magic into your home. These beautiful Tiffany style floor lamps have all the warmth and character you need to accent your home.

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Decorative Stained Glass Night Lights

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Decorative stained glass night lights will enhance your home providing soft illumination where ever you need it.

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Awesome Purple Lamps

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If you love purple you'll love these lamps. In every shade of purple, from deep aubergine, rich purple and plum tones to the softer shades of wisteria and lavender. Whether your looking for a floor lamp, table lamp, desk lamp or more, you'll find it here.

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Torchiere Floor Lamps

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Torchiere floor lamps focus the light up towards the ceiling. They come in many styles from contemporary to traditional and can make a room seem brighter without giving a harsh glare.

Top 5

Arch Floor Lamps

The sleek lines of an arch floor lamp provides a spotlight effect focusing light just where you need it. They come in a range of style from very modern to more traditional styles.

Top 6

Ginger Jar Lamps

Ginger jar lamps are based on the old Chinese ginger jars that were used to store spices and ginger. Delightfully painted with an oriental flavor they look good in any room.

Top 7

The Bankers Lamp

The traditional style of the bankers lamp is still a popular today. If you want a great lamp for your desk, office or study this stylish lamp will always look good.

Top 8

Solar Garden Decorations

You can accessorize your garden or porch with these attractive solar garden decorations. Offering a soft illumination to highlight steps, pathway or plants at night. There are many delightful styles to choose from.

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