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n the fast-growing business infrastructures, each and every organization wishes to have a different domain for their company. Also, seeing the past email clients used for mailing, Gmail leads the list. Thus, Google introduced G suite, an extension to Gmail adding some more features for the users and placed its usage on a domain base. Thus the G suite emerged as a Domain-based Email client.
The G suite accounts were created on the basis of size allowed to the user. When the account size got filled the user needed to extend the size, which was cost oriented. And thus users needed to backup their data so that they can use the data with the basic domain purchased.
Thus, here are the top few G suite backup tools analyzed of 2019

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Top 1

SysTools G Suite / Google Apps Backup

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The list of Best Google Apps backup starts with SysTools G Suite / Google Apps Backup. SysTools G suite backup is capable of backing up emails, contacts, calendars, and documents to the local hard drive. The tool archives data from a single G suite user or a Domain user account. The administrator of a domain an export all or selected domain user mailbox data altogether with the tool.
The features of the tool let the user download specific folder and even specific emails within a date range to various file formats such as PST, MBOX, MSG, EML. The contacts are converted to the vCard file format, calendars to .ics format, and documents in their original file formats. The features also include automatic deletion of archived data from the Google Apps account. The tool reliably works with all versions of Windows.
The Google Apps Backup tool provides a trial version for users to know the features and the working of the tool.

Top 2

G Suite Backup Tool

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The G Suite Backup Tool is the second in the list for best Gmail backup tools. This tool backs up all mailbox items of Google apps user account such as Emails, contacts, etc. The backup procedure is given for both type of G suite user accounts, i.e., backup for a single user account and the backup of Domain users as well.
The data backed up are done in 4 major file formats such as EML, PST, MBOX, MSG. And the tool has a function to archive the user data to the local storage. The software also provides a feature to filter Email files and folder to the user. The tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and requires Outlook installed on the system for backup/archive in PST file format.

Top 3

Google Apps Backup Tool

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The third in the row is Google Apps Backup Tool by BFK Recovery. This tool backs up all mailbox items and exports the data to the local system in different file formats. The file formats taken to backup the G suite data are PST, EML, MBOX, MSG files. Capable of backing up data from multiple user accounts in a domain at the same time. The calendars are saved in .ics file format and contacts in .vcf file format.
The tool provides feature to filter out emails through date range filtering function and offers the user a feature to delete the data from the G suite account after the data is backed up. The tool is compatible with all Window versions and requires Outlook in the system installed for g suite data backup in PST file format.

Top 4

Google Apps Backup Tool Solution

The Google Apps Backup Tool Solution is another G suite backup software that easily backs up emails, Google apps contacts, calendars, etc. from cloud to the local storage. The software is reliable on all versions of Windows. The software efficiently archives single G suite user account, as well as a G suite Domain user and the admin from the domain, has provision to backup the data of all domain users or some selected ones.
The data being backed up to the local system are converted among EML, MBOX, PST, MSG file formats. The features include the filtering option of emails in Google apps user account with Pause/Resume option to remove the interruptions during the backup process. For PST file conversion, Outlook is an essential application to be installed on the local system.

Top 5

G Suite / Google Apps Backup

The fifth in the list is G Suite / Google Apps Backup software. The software is capable of downloading Emails, Calendars, Contacts, G Drive of Business/Work G suite account. The data archived to the system is done in four major file formats such as PST, EML, MBOX, MSG. The tool is capable of backing up data from a single G suite account or a domain user account. The software features to save only a few data through filter options for emails and email folder includes. The software works well on all versions of Windows and the Outlook is required for file backup in PST format.

Top 6

Google Apps Backup Software

Sixth in the list comes to Google Apps Backup Software. This software backs up Google mailbox items that contain emails, contacts, calendars, and documents from the user account to the local hard drive. The tool has provision to convert the backup file to four different file formats which include MBOX, PST, EML, MSG file formats. Though provided file formats for backup, the tool backs up the calendar in .ics format and contacts in vCard file format.
Some features are provided to archive data from a single G suite user or a domain user account. The major feature includes filtering of emails with date range facility and other with folder including facility. Google Apps Backup Software is reliable to work with all versions of Windows.

Top 7

Google Apps Backup

The next is Google Apps Backup provided by Mailbakup. This tool backs up data from the accounts of Google apps for business. The data being backed up includes emails, contacts, calendars, and documents. The data backed up is stored on the local system in the form of files and the tool converts the data to four major file formats which include PST, MBOX, MSG, EML file formats. The contacts are saved in vCard (.vcf) file format and calendars in .ics file format.
Single G suite accounts along with the user account of a G suite based domain can be backed up. The features provided lets user to backup the data and even archive it as per users choice. The date range filter option lets a user to backup specific emails and other data from the G suite account. The delete after download option lets a user delete the data backed up from the G suite user account. The software is adaptable to all Window versions.

Top 8

Complete G Suite Backup Tool

The Complete G Suite Backup Tool offers backup of the Google apps account for Business or Work to the local drive. The tool offers complete backup of the G suite user account data without any file size limitation. The backed up data is stored in the local system among PST, EML, MSG, MBOX file formats.
The single G suite account, as well as domain user account, can be downloaded with the filtration option provided to the user to filter specific data from the whole G suite data. The user gets the facility to include folders like Inbox, Spam to get data from the included folder to be archived. The software is allowed to work on all Window versions.

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The companies having backup issues for their G suite account can view the list of founded best G suite backup software of 2019. Compare the tools with your issue and get the right one to resolve the issues created.

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