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nimal Hats with Paws are a very cute and surprisingly practical fashion trend. Not only do they do a great job at protecting your head, neck and hands from the elements, but they come in every animal you can think of. These make for fantastic gift for young and old, or simply just grab one for yourself - we know you wanna!

animal hats with paws
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Polar Bear Hats with Paws

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Designed to be ultra warm and comfortable, the Polar Bear Hat with Paws is an excellent winter warmer and certainly projects that fun yet powerful image to the world around you. They are designed in a number of lovely styles and produced from various materials to suit any fashion sense. The main idea is to have fun with it, so these hats suit any situation you can think of.

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Leopard Hats with Paws

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Being able to project this beauty while maintaining a sparky energy is an addictive thing to behold. These fantastic hats are built with warmth and comfort in mind – they are designed in the shape of a majestic leopard's head with a natural scarf attached, extending to gloves in the shape of leopard paws. Winter warmth for your head, ears, neck and hands.

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Husky Hat with Paws

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This awesome hat is fluffy, warm and soft, making it perfect for any cold environment and especially the more frigid conditions. The husky hat with paws is designed to be multi-functional and can be interchanged between hat, scarf or gloves, or a combination of these three. You will feel the close comfort of luxury every time you don your beautiful new hat.

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Cat Hat with Paws

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These hats are designed to be incredibly soft and comfortable, while playing a very important role in the cooler months. Its 3-in-1 functionality allows any wearer to protect their entire head, neck as well as hands from the elements. While these hats are extremely practical, there is also a certain sensuality and sleekness felt by wearers while they wrap up in the embrace of their favorite feline friend.

Top 5

Bear Hat with Paws

The bear hat with paws represents ultimate protection from the elements while helping the wearer to feel an energy of strength and power. Designed to be furry and fluffy, these magical hats transport you into the comfort and assurance of the bear hug itself, and offer unmatched shelter and warmth.

Top 6

Wolf Hat with Paws

With a representation of beauty, strength and speed all wrapped up into one picture-perfect accessory, the wolf hat with paws definitely attracts some serious attention from everyone in the vicinity.

The wolf spirit hood in particular, has lit up the fashion scene in the past few years, and should be the first choice for those adventurous people sniffing out a wolf hat with paws. The spirit hood is unique in that no two hats are the same, and only the highest quality materials are used in their manufacture.

Top 7

Panda Hat with Paws

The panda hat with paws is designed to reflect the lovely image we all have of panda bears, described as cute, soft, snuggly, cuddly and warm. These hats are the latest winter must-have for kids, teens and adults alike and offer maximum protection from the bitter elements.

Top 8

The Monkey and many other Animal Hats with Paws

Life is so much more enjoyable when it is filled with joy, laughter and fun, and what better way to project YOUR sense of fun and adventure by wearing an unique animal hat with paws.

Each animal hat with paws is designed to keep the head, ears and neck very warm, and there is a scarf attached which extends into a pair of gloves in the shape of paws. You can either wear it just as a hat, just as a scarf or a combination.

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Life is meant to be fun and wearing Animal Hats with Paws is a great way to show off your fun and adventurous side, eventhough it may be cold out. You will feel unique and everyone will be desperate to find out more about your fabulous hat.

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