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tarBug is a successful AdSense Publisher who just created his own AdSense forum for advanced publishers. In one of his threads he talks about some secrets to his success, so I decided to create a top from those secrets in order to make a point in his thread and also to make yourself know about his forum, in case you're fed up with AdSense forums filled with beginner questions. You might give his forum a go and try..

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Always work for your site not for Adsense

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That's the best advice, do things for your users, because you want users to come and come back to your site, because they click on ads, so do things for them.

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Always try to improve your Ad placements

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Over 5 years now I have adsense on my forum and every 1-2 month I experiment with changes to my adsense placements.
Most changes are so insignificant that users never notice them but they sometimes make a difference between a 0.88% CTR to 1.1% CTR wich is solid money for you.

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Educate your self constantly about new ideas, new strategies and ad placements of other Webmasters

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I used to run OpenX as AdServer which is great.
However I decided to only use it if I run split tests otherwise it slows down the performance of my websites.

This gives me the capability to introduce changes to banners and let them run in a 50:50 ratio with the old banner.
After a few weeks I then can decide which banner works best and kick out the under performer.
This helps me to constantly increase my CTR to the best CTR possible on my forums.

Top 5

Blending is the key

Blending ads increases CTR, but don't go too far, some ad placement are borderline and some are out of line, so be wise and do your research first. Ask on for a review of your ad placement for compliance.

Top 6

Be patient

Results from your actions in improving SEO and other things can take weeks to show up, keep a journal of what you do and report the results after one or two weeks.

Top 7

Don't do anything stupid that could jeopardize your Adsense Account

There's no second chance with AdSense, so be sure to read their TOS and know it inside out, but apply common sense. AdSense is not just yet another ad network, it is the foremost ad network in PPC, so everything else looking like adsense is not an alternative to adsense but only something to use when you got banned from AdSense, this is the sad truth.

Top 8

Join :-)

This is a new forum, but it has potential because it is focused on adsense, no other topic. In the past there was another forum like this one called and created by the author of numerous ebooks Joel Comm, but unfrotunately he closed the forum after some time. might take things to another level, we'll see.

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Those secrets are not secrets, but they are proven to work, so apply them to your own adsense experience.

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