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The actual disadvantages of the RSS feeds utilize usually from it is as begin the new technologies and many users preference concern. Photos and graphics dont appear on the RSS feeds. For easier publication and conciseness.THE RSS feeds dont present and show photos and graphics though the original or source web site on announcing the update except several web based aggregator. The ID sources website could be confusing Because the RSS feeds dont display or show the exact name or URLs of the web site,it may often become confusing on which RSS feeds the users are reading. The RSS feeds generate higher and greater targeted on the servers. Many reader even now prefer and like the whole updated on the short and simple summary of entry,so they will still visit or access the web site. Several web site still dont support the RSS feeds. Many user like to getting email update though the RSS feeds. Web Publishers could not determine or figure out how many user are actually subscribed for their RSS feeds Never know reason why a user unsubscribe
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