Best Review - Top 7 What to See and Do on a Short Stay Visit in Cordoba, Spain


f you are wondering where to visit in Spain then consider Cordoba in Andalusia, Southern Spain. It is well-placed and easily accessible by train and car and offers a richness and diversity of cultures and experiences.It is easy to see why it is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its stunning and vast Mezquita [ Mosque], Jewish Quarter, Alcazar de los Reyes [Palace of the Christian Kings], the Roman Bridge and a whole variety of museums and monuments. There are also many carnivals, festivals and processions. Cordoba is famous for its Patios Festival in May when the local residents put on fine examples of window, balcony and patio displays that they open up to public viewing. It is a wondrous sight, rich in color and fragrances. Flamenco performances also enrich your visit.

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Mezquita [Mosque]

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The Mosque dominates the skyline of Cordoba. It is one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture. The prayer hall is vast and is dominated by two-tiered horse-shoe arches that are decorated in brick and stone alternately. A Christian building was added to the inside in the early 16th Century.

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La Juderia [Jewish Quarter]

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This consists of a series of very narrow streets filled with all kinds of tourist gifts, including leather, and plenty of welcoming and varied bars and restaurants. The streets are filled with floral displays during the Patios Festival.It can be crowded and does allow traffic!

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Cordoba Patios Festival

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The Cordoba Festival of Patios, Windows and Balconies takes place in May. The local residents fill their properties with colorful and fragrant displays of flowers and then invite the public to view their floral spectacle.

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Cordoba Roman Bridge

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This is another spectacular piece of construction that passes over the wide River Guadalquvir. It gives a great view of the Mosque from the opposite side. You will find performing violinists, accordian players and even a digeridoo player as well as street artists.

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Flamenco Show

There are several flamenco shows. One is in the Arab Baths. It is an intimate setting with limited seating but the performance and atmosphere will not disappoint. Shows begin after 9pm.

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Tapas are a traditional Spanish custom.Try a couple with a glass of beer, wine or a sherry for a snack lunch. There is a vast range to choose from.

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Alcazar de los Reyes [ The Palace of the Kings]

This building was a Royal Residence in the 14th Century. It admits visitors to view the huge mosaics and relax in the well-kept gardens with avenues of orange trees.

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So if you are thinking about where to visit in Spain then consider the vibrancy and variety that Cordoba has to offer. You will not be disappointed!

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