Best Review - Top 7 Tools for multiply your productivity, Focus and Success


here are tools and devices that literally multiply our productivity, strengthen our focus and maximize the probability of our success.

Today I want to tell about 7 tools or devices that have become part of my life and, in many cases, I feel I can not live without them. I'm sure you will be very useful for you as well:

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Evernote is a tool to save everything you imagine digitally and then find it when you need it. From my phone or computer use:

My list of tasks (reminders)
The status of all my projects (blog, book, courses, etc.)
I store reviews, extracts and phrases you might need in the future for a blog article, a book, etc.
Personal information such as license plate of my vehicles, medicines, vitamins, etc.
E - Accounts payable / accounts paid.
The interesting thing about Evernote is that the process both as search file is very simple. I'm on a website and see an interesting article that I can use in my next book, I send directly to Evernote under the tag "Ideas Book". I get an account payable to physical, I took a picture with the Evernote app and put it in the tag "accounts payable". I hear a great phrase that helps me to enrich my blog an article about teamwork, write it under the tag "blog ideas" and "teamwork". I'm reading a book and get a paragraph with interesting information you can use in the future, I took a picture of the book, I select the area of the paragraph and Evernote saves and indexes the photo (converts the photo into text) for me.

Productivity Tools

Evernote has become my repository of everything. Because synchronized in the cloud, I can access my content from my phone or any computer or tablet with Internet access.

If in the future I want to write an article on productivity, simply put "productivity" in the search bar of Evernote and I filtered all I have related to productivity. It is just fantastic.

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YNAB ("You need a budget" for short) is a great tool to manage your budget and ensure that you keep your finances under control.

It is designed for your phone and computer and is always synchronized and updated with your budget and expenses to second. My wife and I use it, and in the second we make a purchase, the budget is updated my phone and computer, enabling us to adjust perfectly to plan.

The creators of the tool YNAB philosophy of software based on the "4 Secrets to a budget that works" (to read the 4 secrets dale click here).

Honestly is the best tool for keeping a budget that I used in my life. A budget that finally works.

Although the tool is in English, you can rename the categories of your budget easily and place that are relevant to you in Spanish.

This tool has a cost, however, if you are interested in learning more about the tool, then I leave an affiliate link that gives you a 10% discount:

YNAB - You Need a Budget
I hope will be as useful as I do.

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Downcast App (or any App for Podcasts)

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The more content that podcasts are daily consumption. A management tool is fantastic podcasts to make sure you always have the latest podcast ready on your mobile phone or tablet when you need.

In the tool (Although I use the Apple store Downcast any podcast tool works) you simply subscribe to the podcast you want and the tool updates it when the authors published a new episode.

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Dropbox is a free tool that allows your most important files in the cloud and access them anywhere and equipment that you are. In dropbox I have the manuscript of my book (which entered from wherever got time to write), the master of my blog (photos, bio, songs, podcast intro and outro, etc.) files

Dropbox gives me peace of mind because I know I can access anything you need from my phone or computer.

Another benefit of Dropbox is that you can share files and create shared folders with others. This allows multiple people to work on a common project and all the files are in the same place and updated instantly.

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Although the Fitbit is not a tool but a device, I can not live without it. The Fitbit is a device that you place yourself on the wrist and measures the steps you took in the day, the quality of how you slept, went up the stairs and now even your heart rate.

The device is the FitBit Charge recommend HR.

Having all this information in your hands provides better control of your health and make sure you achieve your physical goals daily. It also includes access to a social network where you can view your stats, make groups and compete with friends.

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A while ago I published an article called "The Balance of Time" which stated that we needed to develop a proper balance between the past, present and future.

That article stated the following:

"Open space for the past will help us to remember the good times. It will make us grateful for what God has given us life. Past presents the opportunity for reflection. It gives us a wonderful opportunity to be honest with ourselves and see our mistakes clearly. It allows us to apologize and shows us a second chance to grow and change.

But living in the past is not the solution. Provide a space at present is what makes us happy. As I said in my video Flores, an indispensable part of our lives is to be able to see, smell and pick the flowers the way. The opportunities life gives you today will not be repeated, so you aprovéchalas and enjoy them.

The future is what will give us enthusiasm and will lead to success. I once heard someone say that "Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream." This means that to achieve success, you must be a dream. We need to become engines of dreams ... and for that, we must look ahead, we must look to the future. "

In my case, I find it easy and natural to focus on the future constantly, and in many cases in the past. However, focus on the present is no easy task. Concerns about the future plans and uncertainty dominate most of my mind.

One of the disciplines that have begun to develop to focus on this is meditation, and after trying different ways to hold it without success, I discovered the "Headspace" application.

This application guides you every day in a process of guided meditation (in English) for 10 minutes initially, then 20 and then 30 as you develop neural patterns necessary to retrain the brain to focus on today.

I have also seen many other YouTube completely free guided meditations.

When I speak of meditation I do not talk about religion or new age, or Buddhism (although many of these practices include meditation) but of science.

Meditation as a fundamental tool for brain development and neuroplasticity is a scientifically proven fact.

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The seventh tool to multiply your productivity say you owe me. Please go to the comments section below and let me the name of the tool and for what use. I am sure that I and other readers can benefit from your experience.

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