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ummer always finishes fast and yet there is so much free time. A month or so before college starts, use that time to make sure that your transition from summer to college is smooth without bumps in the way. When your classes start, you won't have so much time.

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Financial Aid

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Accept your grants, scholarships, and loans. Calculate that your tuition and fees will be covered. Also think about meal plans and paying for living accommodations.

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If you are going to work while studying, now is the time to apply. Many jobs have training before college starts. Find a few jobs (on campus or close by) and prepare your resume.

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Usually a month or less before college starts, books can be ordered. Try to order them as early as possible so that you won't have to buy expensive new books when used ones will be out of stock. Make sure to look up ISBNs on ebay or amazon to see if you can buy them for cheaper prices. Remember that it might take a week or longer for a book to arrive.

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School Supplies!

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Just buy the basics

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Update Your Style

Buy some fresh clothes and don't forget the formal business attire for a possible interview.

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Don't miss the beginning of college events by looking at the calendar. Many start before classes start.

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