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hese are my favorite revenue sharing and affiliate sites for making money. I've earned a lot of extra income through these sites. You will want to sign up for the following free affiliate programs: Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate, and Ebay (tough to do). Any other affiliates are just extras.

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Hub Pages

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Hub Pages shares some of the Adsense revenue, but all of the Amazon and Ebay revenue. You can make a lot of money via Amazon on Hub Pages. Hub Pages' best feature is its simplicity. You can very easily create many pages without knowing any HTML or any other higher level skills. It's a great place to start!

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Their pages are known as "lenses" and they offer the most methods of earning income. In fact, you don't even need to sign up for Amazon or Google. You can benefit from the affiliate codes of Squidoo, and then they share a percentage with you. Squidoo has a great amount of simple customization options and modules to make your lenses more interesting. You can also use HTML to make text and images standout more.

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Info Barrel

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Info Barrel is very similar to Squidoo and Hub Pages, but is newer to the revenue sharing scene. It has a lot of potential and has a nice editing process to keep the spammy, garbage pages off their system. Quality is important.

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She Told Me

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She Told Me is excellent and brought to you by the same creators of this site. It allows you to share interesting articles and they share earnings. Often you can interlink related pages between She Told Me, Squidoo, Hub Pages, and others.

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Also known as Blogspot. It is owned by Google and has integration with Google's Adsense, but also the Amazon Affiliate program. You get to write simple blog posts, share video, images and whatever else in a blog format.

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Best Reviewer

Last, but not least is Best Reviewer. It has a ton of potential! One of the most popular types of searches is in the form of lists. And that is exactly what Best Reviewer is focused upon.

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All Posters

You can earn a whopping 20% commission on sales of posters and art. The cool thing is that you can use their images for your Squidoo or Blogger pages AND make a 20% commission if someone buys via your link.

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Yep. These are easily my favorites. I've earned the most from Hub Pages and Squidoo, especially when coupled with Amazon and Ebay affiliate programs. In the months before the Christmas shopping season is the best time to join and begin building your pages.

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poddys's picture

Good list, I am a member of

Good list, I am a member of most of these, and they definitely work well.
Still trying to sort Hubpages out though, not earning anything yet on there.

termitbronx's picture

Great list, I'm also using

Great list, I'm also using Squidoo, She Told Me etc, but I have never heard for Info Barrel. Will check it out, thanks!