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f you have read recent reports you may have heard nasty things about the way Amazon treats some of its workers. But Amazon has shown again and again that it does have love in its heart. Love for us...the customers.

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The Kindle Fire Tablet

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Amazon must love us because they have given us such a cool new toy to play with. Only $199 of pure awesome

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They Lose money on each Tablet

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Amazon actually loses money on each tablet they produce. Of course they hope to get it back with outer sales...such as media. But still this makes for quite a nice gift...even if it is only less than 10$ a unit. You don't see many big companies losing money on their products.

Top 3

The Silk Browser

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The Amazon Silk Browser for the Kindle Fire is more than just "cool" it is quite revolutionary in design. It approaches browsing in a completely new way that is sure to copied again and again and ultimately speed up the way browsers work...with less resources. A step into the future.

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They Give Free EBooks

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Why spend money on buying the classics when you can get them free? Amazon gives all sorts of free ebooks away. Nearly all books in public domain in addition to many short term specials they offer in conjunction with publishers.

Top 5

Special Offers for the Kindle

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OKay, they are trying to sell you something with special offers. But it can still give you 40$ off the product and these ads only show up as a screensaver and on the "menu" portion. YOu never see ads while actually "using" your Kindle.

Top 6

Kindle 4

Only $79 and it is the best ebook reader ever... at least until Amazon comes out with the Touch

Top 7

Kindle Touch

Is the Touch Better than the Kindle 4. It is hard to say. It will likely boil down to personal preference, but the touch is the only ebook reader that COULD be better than the Kindle 4. When it comes to ereaders there is Amazon...then there is everything else.

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