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hhh, what to wear for prom? Prom is coming up in the not too distant future, have you thought about what color prom dress you are going to be wearing yet?

Prom dresses come in a cacophony of beautiful colors, so it can be really hard to choose, thats why I have created this top, the links lead to separate pages of colored prom dresses with information about which colors suit certain skin colors etc

So without further delay, here are my top prom dress colors...

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Top 1

Blue Prom Dresses

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Blue prom dresses sit firmly at number one, blue is my favourite color and compliments many other colors, it comes in loads of gorgeous shades and can be used to create many types of look, from classy, sophisticated navy, to bright and modern aqua colors.

Top 2

Purple Prom Dresses

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Purple prom dresses are fantastic, purple is really in at the moment and looks great against all hair and skin tones, it compliments alot of other colors nicely and looks lovely against gold.

Top 3

Orange Prom Dresses

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Who would have thought that orange prom dresses would be number three on my list? Orange is not even one of my favourite colors, when you look at the dresses in the link below, you will see why.

Orange is an under used color that looks amazing against dark hair and skin.

Top 4

Red Prom Dresses

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Red prom dresses are stunning and suit most complexions, my favourite red prom dresses are the ball gown styles, they really stand out!

Top 5

Gold Prom Dresses

Mmmm, gold is a luxurious color that suits all skin tones, if you have a light complexion go for dark or yellow gold.

Top 6

Green Prom Dresses

Green is another underrated color for a prom dress, you can get some lovely muted shades of moss green that look sophisticated and classy, or for more of a eye catching outfit then go for some of the brights or lime greens.

Top 7

Yellow Prom Dresses

Sunny, happy, yellow! Again, not an obvious color choice for a prom dress. If you want to stand out from the crowd then check out these yellow prom dresses.

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