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ersnickety Clothing is the most adorable brand you will find for little girls. They offer colorful bright options for your little sweetheart from infancy to grade school. Prices run from $24 to $80 dollars and all the collections are equally cute. A percentage of each item they sell goes to help children in need. The collection is considered modern vintage which gives the line its own unique style. You can find sun dresses jackets, lace tops, ruffled pants, headbands, and much more. These well-made clothes will stand up to an impromptu tea party or if she has a desire to roll down a grassy hill. These are the top seven places you can find this adorable and versatile brand.

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The Posh Closet - Persnickety Clothing

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The Posh Closet Online is a fun shop to get all the children's clothing you are looking for. If you need gifts for nieces or baby showers this is the place to find them. They carry several popular brands including Giggle Moon and Joyfolie. No matter the style you see for your little girl or the style she has for herself, you will find clothes she loves. You can also find a large collection of Persnickety clothing there. Just visit to see all the great pieces they offer. They have a large assortment of clothes, shoes, accessories, and baby gifts to fit any hip little girl's style.

Top 2

Addys Closet

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Cute clothing boutique Addys Closet is located at and has a wide range of clothing for babies, girls, boys, and women. They have over fifteen designers for sale and among those is Persnickety Clothing. They adore that for each dress purchased a child in need gets one as well. They carry the new collections and past collections so you have a wide variety to choose from. You can select a gorgeous frock from the 2014 Pretty in Pink collection or scoop up some flowery shorts from the Spring 2015 Daffodils and Dandelions collection. If you want to pre-order they have that option and returns are available if something doesn’t fit.

Top 3

Everything but the Princess

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Everything but the Princess is a sweet little clothing store that offers clothing and accessories for little girls. They have clothing for infants to toddlers to twins. If you need to get a little girl a special birthday present or want a well-made unique shower gift then this is a great place to shop. They happily offer the Persnickety Clothing line to their customers as they love that the adorable brand is made in the USA. The website is as brightly colored as Persnickety’s clothes and really easy to use. You can follow them on all social media and get updates on discounts and any specials they are running. If you order $149 dollars or more you get free shipping.

Top 4

Little Luna Blue

Little Luna Blue is a cute children's boutique started by a mother who loved finer children's clothes and European brands like Catimini, Jottum, and Oilily among many others. They only have the best quality clothing and the sought after Persnickety line. Little Luna Blue is happy to provide all the collections in the Persnickety line and have preorders available for new collections. If there is a certain pattern you really love, then you can place an order before it’s available and guarantee that you will get it. They really like that the company not only gives dresses to the less fortunate in places like Nicaragua, but also employs the people there to make their dresses paying them well.

Top 5

La Bella Flora

La Bella Flora offers an amazing range of gorgeous clothes for babies to big girls. You can find a wide variety of brands including popular Baby Sara, Flowers by Zoe, and Isobella and Chloe among many others. La Bella Flora features clothing that has a vintage feel with a modern twist and Persnickety is the perfect brand to encompass that feeling. The colorful choices are right at home in La Bella Flora and you will love the choices. All of the perfect clothing choices for your little princess are available in their cute boutique.

Top 6

Pink Princess

The Pink Princess store has everything for your little girl to dress up, look adorable, and play. They have top brands like Candy Bean and Cupcakes and Pastries. With just thirty dollars spent you get free shipping and free returns for anything that doesn't fit. They have costumes for play and parties. There are tons of Princess dresses so no matter the type of princess your little girl wants to be she can with the dresses they have. You will also find boy's formal clothing available here. All the cuteness you can stand is in one easy to shop place with Pink Princess.

Top 7

Katie Bugs Online

Katie Bugs Online has a wide variety of clothing to choose from for both girls and boys. You can find clothing for infants to grade school age. They have mostly designer children's clothing, outerwear, and bathing suits. You'll find such popular brands as Eliane et Lena, Hannah Banana, and Lemon Loves Lime among many others. Persnickety is right at home with these high end brands and adds color and life to an already bright collection of designers. Katie Bugs offers great prices and returns if something doesn’t fit correctly.

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Persnickety clothing has a great attention to detail which is why it is loved by so many little girls and their mothers. A ruffle here and some lace there give each piece its lovely girly style. The icing on the cake is they give back with each dress or outfit they sell making them a very desirable company to shop with. This is an easily affordable designer brand which is important because kids grow so quickly that they will need new clothes often. You want the best for your little girl and Persnickety is one of the best. Available at all these lovely retailers you are guaranteed to find the best deal.

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