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t seems everywhere you look at the moment, its become ultra-trendy for people to don the craziest head-wear, either causing us to laugh to ourselves or to secretly wish we had one! Animal hats, beanies and hoods are definitely on this list and really have lit up the fashion scene with their uniquely fun appeal.

The panda bear, in particular, has always had a special place in our hearts. This lovely animal is now on the endangered species list, which has really enhanced their appeal and there surely aren't many people in the world who haven't developed a soft spot for them. For this reason, many of us are choosing to show our affection and appreciation for these cute and cuddly animals, by wearing fashionable clothing which projects the Panda's unique image. We think this is an absolutely brilliant idea, because the more exposure this beautiful species gets, the more seriously their plight is taken.

Panda Hat
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Top 1

Fleece Panda Hat

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A fleece panda hat is a fabulous, lightweight choice when it comes to keeping your noggin warm through the chilly Winter months. The comfort of a fleece hat is just incredible and the fit usually nice and snug. Generally, these kinds of animal hats feature extremely soft material and are also fully lined inside for maximum comfort.

Top 2

Panda Hat with Gloves

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A panda hat with gloves is simply the latest Winter 'must-have' at the moment. Long panda hats like these have become a fashion statement of note, having gained a great deal of exposure from stars and festival-goers alike. These awesome hats are generally designed for all ages, so it doesn't matter whether its a gift for a small child, roudy teenager or a fun-loving adult. They will love these!

Top 3

Panda Hat with Paws

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A panda hat with paws is a great fashion statement during Winter. This hat is generally designed with an attached scarf extending to some handy gloves at the ends. Those which are presented with a paw print on the inside hands, really do appeal to the imagination as if you had magically been transformed into a cute panda bear yourself!

Top 4

Panda Spirit Hood

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We present to you the internationally famous panda spirit hood, as worn by some of the biggest personalities and superstars on the planet! The spirit hood has been seen adorning the heads of no fewer than Pink, Katy Perry, Fergie, Keisha, Bruno Mars, Jared Leto and even Conan O'Brien gave it a whirl while hosting Vanessa Hudgens on his acclaimed talk show.

Top 5

Knitted Panda Hat

A knitted panda hat is absolutely brilliant for the colder fall months and winter climates. Many of these hats are designed with earflaps, dangling braids and even pom poms. You will look cool and keep warm at the same time. A knitted panda hat is generally so snug and comfortable you will hardly want to take it off! A great buy for kids, teens and adults alike.

Top 6

Panda Hat with Ear Flaps

A panda hat with ear flaps or toggles is a perfect Winter warmer when you are out and about in the colder months. These hats are not only practical for keeping your head and ears warm, but come in a wide variety of cute and stylish designs which create joy for the wearer and everyone else too!

Top 7

Panda Beanie Hat

A panda beanie hat gives you a very trendy and unique look during the colder months. With many variations of this hat made from many different materials, you are bound to find something here that suits your sense of fashion and your pocket too.

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These fantastic animal hats are definitely head-turners whether out-and-about shopping, partying the night away at a festival or simply wearing around the house. Your friends and family will soon be jealous and they will be clamoring to follow your trendy lead.

Animal hats, beanies and hoods make you feel fun and relaxed, while serving their prime purpose of keeping those winter elements at bay, so you can keep warm and keep smiling.

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Miriam's picture

This is a great list. I see

This is a great list. I see these hats all over the place now. They are too cute!