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wo of the main factors in hair loss are the presence of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone ) in the natural oils found on the scalp. DHT is a hormone the body produces naturally; but if too much of it is present on the scalp it will cause the root of the follicle to shrink and in turn the follicle will die and fall out. Poor blood circulation is the second major cause of hair loss. Blood is filled with nutrients. These nutrients are what feed the hair root. If the hair root is improperly nourished it will get weak, die and the follicle will fall out. The oils listed here are all very nutrient-rich, help reduce the production of DHT on the scalp and also feed your roots. When the scalp is massaged it increases blood circulation. Using these oils during scalp massages is a great way to stimulate growth and help reduce hair loss. If you hair is thin using the castor oil especially is a great way to increase the density of your hair.

Natural Oils For Hair Loss
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Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil

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Pumpkin seed oil contains linoleic acid and other essential fatty acids which are vital for promoting healthy skin and hair. Due to it's other medicinal properties this oil is great for restoring PH balance to the scalp and also helping to reduce the production of DHT. Stimulates hair growth and conditions the scalp.

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Camellia Seed Oil

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Rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E it is also wonderful for both skin and hair. Helps to strengthen weak nails when applied to the cuticles. Helps to repair and strengthen hair follicles. Stimulates hair growth and conditions the scalp.

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Castor Oil

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Increases hair growth and thickens hair that is thinning and shedding as well as conditions the scalp.

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Coconut Oil

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There are many natural solutions to hair loss or hair shedding. This list is not meant to take the place of your physicians treatment or advice. Please make sure you know no allergies to any of the oils before you use them. Cold pressed and organic oils are always best because they are the purest form and have the most nutrients.

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