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aving a great infrastructure is quite important for any country to ensure good functioning of the economy. Many people believe that United States has the world's best infrastructure but according to one of the surveys done by Switzerland based World Economic Forum for 2011-2012, US ranks at the 16th position. It has happened due to the high level of debt.

Below is the list of seven best countries with world class infrastructure, which is based primarily on the basis of effective modes of transport and communications network:

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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong tops the list of nations with best infrastructure. It has the overall score of 6.71 for having great quality of transport and communication infrastructure.

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With a score of 6.35, Germany is at the second position. It has GDP of more than USD 3,300 billion and great air transport infrastructure.

Top 3


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Just behind Germany is Singapore with a score of 6.33, which has great GDP per capita.

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France lies at the fourth position with good quality of road infrastructure.

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Switzerland lies at the fifth position with a score of 6.15. It has GDP per capita income of more than USD 67,000 which is obviously much more than many other countries. Switzerland also has great railroad infrastructure.

Top 6

The United Kingdom

United Kingdom is at the sixth position with a score of 6.09.

Top 7

The Netherlands

With a score of 6.02, Netherlands ranks at the seventh position.

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EsotericArticles's picture

I simply do not buy this

I simply do not buy this list. Surely some of those Arabian oil nations have the best infrastructure? I have watched plenty of Television shows showing the construction going on in those nations to prepare for when their oil dries up and their infrastructure is incredible. Leaves my country's for dead.

anujagarwal's picture

You are right, they do have

You are right, they do have incredible infrastructure and UAE is among the top 10 nations. This list is based on the survey which included the transport facilities (road, rail and air) and reach of communication network as well.