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ome of the best music across the decades comes from the 60's through to today's latest releases. Here are a few music artists that are well worth reminding yourself about or maybe finding for the first time. Either way it will hopefully be a treat of entertainment, each and every one of these artists or groups have been hugely successful at some point in their careers. The music is of different genres but all of the music produced is to a very high standard.

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Duffy the Welsh singing sensation who has just released her long awaited second album, Endlessly.

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Transvision Vamp and Wendy James

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Pop meets punk rock band from the 80's, Wnedy James was the gorgeous lead singer who pouted her way to stardom heading up the band Transvision Vamp. Probably my favourite band of all time, especially when your mood needs a bit of a lift.

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MPeople Featuring Heather Small

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Heather is touring with the group 'here come the girls' but I loved her as the lead singer for MPeople. Uplifting music for any generation and great to get a party started. Loved seeing them in concert, they are actually better live than recorded.

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A singer and a DJ who is into electro, house, dance and pop music either by singing it or playing it.

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Space the Band

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Going to see Space at the forum in London ended up costing me about £3000, but now I have gotten over it, I still say it is one of the best concerts I have ever been to. The records are pretty amazing as well and they have removed themselves from the mainstream public now so not likely to be any more albums like this coming along.

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Punk Rock and The Sex Pistols

They were all mad as hatters even as teenagers but the Sex Pistols were the iconic image of Punk Rock> Their reign was short lived, much to the relief of the record companies, but it certainly had an impact.

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Music For Me

For a broad range of music across the decades, starting in the 60's and up to the the latest releases. Some great music to suit most people.

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Music is a very personal thing and not all genres suit all people, but as you get older you find that your tastes can change. Being a 60's kid gives me a taste for both old and new but it has to be good all the same otherwise I am not interested.

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