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hroughout the years, the legend of Dracula has intrigued and fascinated us, albeit in a rather frightening - and sometimes macabre - manner. This historical tale has all the makings of a gripping thriller and heart-wrenching love story.

Coupled with the right leading man, there is no doubt as to why Bram Stoker's gothic tale, first released in book form in 1897, has never gone out of print. After all, who can forget the haunting night-time howling, accompanied by the softly whispered 'Listen to them, the children of the night. What beautiful music they make'.

Here are a few of the most notable historical screen vampires, right up to the modern darling of the vampire world.

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Max Schrek

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The ghoulish 'Count Orlok', played by Max Schrek, was portrayed in the 1922 version of 'Nosferatu'. Based on Stoker's 'Dracula', the original 'Nosferatu' was played out in Germany as opposed to Pennsylvania, but was in fact so similar to the original that Stoker's widow sued for breach of copyright and the film was withdrawn from circulation.

Top 2

Klaus Kinski

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His leading lady the beautiful Isabelle Adjani, Kinski was a rather hideous and terrifying vampire. Loosely based on Max Schrek's 'Nosferatu', this version was released in 1979, and remained faithful to the original.

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Bela Lugosi

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Bela Lugosi, a little-known Hungarian actor, was chosen for the part of Dracula purely by chance, due to the death of the man originally chosen (Lon Chaney). Lugosi played the role perfectly, his Hungarian accent and his hypnotic, sepulchral good looks only adding to the mysticism of the character he portrayed. 'Dracula', released in 1931.

Top 4

Christopher Lee

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Tall, gaunt and charismatic, Christopher Lee is arguably the most 'classic' of the Dracula actors, being modelled closely on the original Stoker interpretation. A red pair of contacts and small set of fangs were the only supernatural concessions made, and this 1958 version, simply called 'Dracula' (although also known as 'Horror of Dracula'), and with Peter Cushing as the formidable Van Helsing, is still one of the most famous versions to date.

Top 5

Frank Langella

Although possibly not in the supernatural league of the previously mentioned versions, the 1979 'Dracula' starring Frank Langella was arguably more theatrical than the average purist would have preferred, and was in fact based on a play. Langella cut a dashing figure, and his magnificent head of hair and sultry smile turned him into a matinee idol.

Top 6

Gary Oldman

A modern 'Dracula', made in 1992, this version has the great Anthony Hopkins as Van Helsing, and Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker, who is about to have the love of his life whisked out from under him by the count, who believes her to be the reincarnation of his soulmate, Elisabeta, who died in 1462.

Top 7

Robert Pattinson

Nothing to do with the original, the 'Twilight' vampire Edward Cullen deserves a mention here, as he has taken the world by storm. Edward does not fear sunlight, sleep in a coffin (he does not sleep at all), and no mention is made of stakes or silver bullets, but a vampire he certainly is, and the romanticism is there in spades, albeit not as black as in the traditional Dracula tales.

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This incredible tale has become an irrevocable part of the genre of classic gothic fiction, at times tragic, at times inspiring, always sinister and shadowy. Bram Stoker's creation is one of mystery and magic, romance and horror, everything needed to keep it at the forefront of our imaginations, and lost in the realms of our sub-conscious, waiting for an unguarded moment.

Numerous vampires have sprung from the legend, and the tale it seems, is as eternal as the jagged, cruel Pennsylvanian mountains that the lord Dracul calls home. In the immortal words of the dark count himself: ' revenge has just begun. I spread it over the centuries and time is on my side'.

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Some great choices! Gotta

Some great choices! Gotta love the good vampire stories