Best Review - Top 7 Lego Lord of the Rings Sets - Summer 2012


e've looking forward to the new Lego Lord of the Rings sets coming out in Summer 2012. You'll find Frodo, Gandalf the Grey, Aragorn and all your favorites. And of course Sauron's lot too, there's Gollum, Ringwraiths, Orcs and lots more minifigures.

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Top 1

Gandalf Arrives - Lego 9469 - With Gandalf and Frodo

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Lego Gandalf Arrives features the wizards arrival in the shire on a horse and card.

Top 2

Attack on Weathertop - Lego 9472 - With Aragorn and Ringwraiths

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It's the ringwraiths versus the hobbits in Lego Attack on Weathertop. Good job Aragon is there.

Top 3

The Orc Forge Lego 9476 - Orcs of Mordor

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In the Lego Orc Forge the Mordor Orcs are busy preparing the Orc army for battle.

Top 4

The Mines of Moria - Lego 9473 - With Cave Troll

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Lego The Mines of Moria is a brilliant set with lots of key character minifigures and a huge cave troll.

Top 5

The Battle of Helm's Deep - Lego 9474

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Lego The Battle of Helm's Deep is the big battle scene with the fortress and good and evil minifigures to start the battle.

Top 6

Uruk-hai Army - Lego 9471 - Orcs!

Lego Uruk-hai Army is an extension set to the Battle of Helm's Deep. Both the Uruk-hai Orcs and the good guys get reinforcements in this set.

Top 7

Shelob Attacks Lego 9470 - with Samwise and Gollum

Lego Shelob Attacks is a key scene for Samwise Gamgee. Frodo's in trouble with Shelob the spider, and it's all Gollum's fault.

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