Best Review - Top 7 Independent StarCraft 2 and eSports Blogs

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Here are the top independent StarCraft 2 and eSports blogs. They combine a mixture of learning content, esports news, and StarCraft 2 celebrity gossip! This list is only of independent bloggers who aren't writing for or are affiliated with any major organization. The reddit post for the list is at Head over there if you want to make additions to the list and I will add them in! Show these writers some love so they keep on writing! If we want more independant content we have to embrace its creators and support them by donating, reading, commenting and sharing their work. Learning StarCraft 2 with ZiggyD on Tumblr Gotta chuck mine on the list ^^ DUCKVILLELOL Aussie caster Duckville's rantings Reddit Picked my Hobby reddit picked his hobby for a year - Sc2. Follow along on his journey! Full Tilt Sc2 with G4MR Day[9] mod G4MR's latest blog. Cliff's eSports Corner constant SC2 and esports content. Learning SC2 Learn SC2 with me from Bronze up! SC Dojo with Artosis Artosis strategy tumblr blog.
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