Best Review - Top 7 Ideas for Decorating with Modern Curtain Rods


tylish curtain rods are an affordable accent for your window drapes. Modern curtain rods add polish, elegance and a finished look to a room. As a decorative feature, ornate, simple and designer-style curtain rods function as a home decor element. Budget-friendly, luxurious finishes and trendy design make curtain rods a contemporary home accessory. Beautiful curtain rods are used to hang your drapery, valances and sheer curtains. Wonderful curtain rods are available in a wide selection of styles. They help give your windows a modern look, artistic expression and a custom elegance. A decorative curtain rod expands the beauty of your windows.

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Contemporary Drapery Hardware

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Decorative curtain rods range in price from under $100 to $500. Granite, crystal, solid wood, stainless, brass or antique brass, cast iron and glass are beautiful curtain rod finishes. Curtain rods made of such modern finishes as wood, metal or wrought iron are special accents.

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Decorative Design Curtain Rods

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An eclectic decor is improved with an ultra modern chrome or black nickel curtain rod. A decorative curtain rod is also a chic coordinate in pewter finishes, polished nickel and oil rubbed bronze.

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Luxury Curtain Rods

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Quality curtain rods are used for hanging draperies, valances and sheers. They are strong and durable. A luxury decorative curtain rod is unique, has coordinating finials and comes in solid brass, steel and nickel finishes.

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Modern Curtain Rod Styles

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Decorative curtain rods are offered in wide choices, trendy designs and unique looks. Modern curtain rods come in finial swirl ball and twisted spiral styles. There are also curtain hardware collections that include: a curtain rod, tiebacks, decorative brackets and rings.

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Beautiful Quality Curtain Rods

The best drapery rods are a dressy detail for luxury window treatments. Swivel elbow connectors make a ceiling mount, corner and bay window look elegant. Bronze, steel and silver chrome curtain rods are a beautiful upgrade in a modern room space. There are also curtain rods available in wrought iron, adjustable, metal and extendable drapery pole types.

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Contemporary Curtain Rods

Sleek curtain rods are a decorative touch in a contemporary room. A large selection of curtain rods are found online by price, color and finish. Beautiful, modern curtain rods are an inexpensive window upgrade. They come in elegant styles such as European, metal, wood and double sizes.

Top 7

Easy Window Treatment Makeover

Choose decorative curtain rods for beautiful designer or dramatic window treatments. Elegant curtain or drapery rods compliment home spaces by style, room or drapery type.

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