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ith the huge popularity The Hunger Games books are currently enjoying amongst teens (and older!), Hunger Games Gifts are in hot demand. Here are some places you can find them

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Hunger Games Merchandise

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Board Games, Cookbooks, Clothing, Posters - all things Hunger Games fans will love

Top 2

Hunger Games Posters

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The official posters from the movie! Choose the entire set or pick from Katniss, Gale, Peeta and the other main characters.

Top 3

Hunger Games Jewelry

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A great way to show you are a fan of The Hunger Games - brooches, pins, bracelets and more.

Top 4

Books Like The Hunger Games

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The ideal gift for people who love reading and who have loved The Hunger Games series. Pick one of these books out as a gift for them.

Top 5

Books Related to The Hunger Games

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You can now find books about the Tributes, how the movie was made, essays on the books and even a cookbook.

Top 6

Hunger Games Bags and Accessories

There are very cool bags of all descriptions and belts and umbrellas and much much more now available.

Top 7

Hunger Games Clothing

Hunger Games fans love to wear tshirts, sweatershirts, socks, beanies and even pajamas that are Hunger Games related

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Hunger Games Fans can follow all the latest news on The Hunger Games Tumblr

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