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unny thing, Humor, We all love it. It cures the Blues, helps us cope, and just makes life better. These pages represent the humor that make me laugh. I hope they make you laugh, too.

Ken McVay
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Puns Puns Puns

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Short funny puns, one liner puns, the pun of the day, joke puns, you name it! Everyone loves puns!

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Jokes & Funny Photos

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Like everyone else, I'm often the recipient of email containing funny jokes and other humorous material. Hey, there's a lot of funny stuff floating from Inbox to Inbox, and I've put some of the best in one place for your entertainment.

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

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What can I say? "Why did the chicken cross the road?" is one of the oldest and most famous joke riddles still in use in the English language, and this collection will keep you laughing for weeks.

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So You Think YOU'RE Stupid, Eh?

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A brilliant collection of dumb quotes from people who ought to know better.

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So You Think YOU'RE Stupid, Eh? (Part 2)

Another brilliant collection of dumb quotes from people who ought to know better.

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Puns, Puns, Puns & More

Puns (or paronomasia, if you will) refer to the use of words in different senses than the usual, or the use of words similar in sound to achieve a specific, generally humorous, effect, If you collect them, you will find rich material for your collection here.

Top 7

Puns, Puns and MORE Puns

Humor is a funny thing - things that make one person laugh often leave others wondering what the joke was

So, without apologies, the materials here, however, are things that make me laugh.

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james's picture

Humour is fine.. But I don't

Humour is fine.. But I don't get the blues nowadays.. In the past I could be subject to that, but I think over the years I have developped greater mind self-control so I can recognize easily a negative thought and delete it, stop it from being chewed for too long by my mind. There's no reason to feel like the negative thoughts are in control, it's false. You allow yourself to think negative thoughts..
I simply delete them as soon as they come into my mind..
Easy give-away are thoughts about the future of our lives and what will happen to loved ones and ourselves.
Also negative thoughts always start as simple thoughts, but the more you chew them with your mind, the more difficult it is to delete them, so learn to identify them and delete them with no after-thought.
Easier said than done, because as everything else it takes training and it's a permanent work, because they don't stop coming, it's just that it takes less effort to identify them and delete them when you're trained.

kmcvay's picture

Speaking as a 71-yr-old

Speaking as a 71-yr-old cancer survivor/patient who has lost his parents and grandparents, I wish you luck, James. Life sometimes throws curves that mental attitude cannot adequately address.

james's picture

Oh, I didn't mention that I'm

Oh, I didn't mention that I'm aware that as time goes by and situation changes, it can be more difficult or impossible to apply this mental deleting of negative thoughts. Especially with health issues and other catastrophic events, it is harder and harder to keep only positive or neutral thoughts in one's mind..

I'm aware of that, what I meant is that I have many examples of people who make a big deal out of nothing, my girlf friend for instance has a hard time not worrying about many little things which could be easily avoided by a little mental training.. But this can be done only oneself, those things are not taught at school..

So yes I know in the future I will probably feel the blues, but at least I'm not getting the blues NOW thinking about me getting the blues later.. It's so easy to think about negative things in the future and feel down.. I'm not having any of this right now :-)