Best Review - Top 7 How to Make Money with Your Body


imes are tough and your probably looking to make some extra cash. (legally of course) Here is some ways to make some extra money. Some of the ways to make money will not be for everybody but it will get the mind thinking about the possibilities of making a few extra dollars in your pocket.

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Selling Breast Milk

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If your producing extra breast milk. You can sell to mothers who cannot produce breast milk. Some mothers prefer their baby to get nourishment from breast milk. Powdered milk cause lots of babies to get colic. Some babies just vomit after drinking a bottle full of powder milk. You could earn pretty good for breast milk. You can check eBay and other sites online. Just Google “where to sell breast milk?”Breast milk sells as much as $3 a bottle.

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Make Money Sell or Donate Your Hair

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They make wigs and hair peaces for people who are losing their hair. You can sell your hair if you got long hair. If you need extra money sell your hair. You could sell your hair for $500 and up. If you have virgin hair you could get even more money.

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Make Money Selling Your Plasma

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You have to go through a process the first time you go in one of these plasma centers. The first visit pays around $20 the second visit pays $45 for a total of $65 a week and $260 a month. You can donate your plasma twice a week. You can find a location near you by clicking the link and you will find more information concerning donating your plasma.

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Make Money Selling Your Kidney

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Some people are born with only one kidney. I lost my right kidney due to an accident and I am healthy as a horse. You can live a long and happy life with only one kidney. If you really want to get ahead you could sell your kidney between $70,000 to $80,000 but you really should give that a lot of thought because their is always that possibility you could lose your other kidney later on in life.

Top 5

Make Money Selling Your Sperm

Sperm donors will receive around $100 per specimen. $100 x 3 visits to the sperm bank a week = $1,200 a month. Sperm donors can be Anonymous or Non-Anonymous

Top 6

Make Money Selling Your Eggs

Become an egg donor! If your between the ages of 21-31 you can qualify to be an egg donor. Donors who meet the donation screening standards will receive $6,000 upon completion of cycle.

Top 7

Make Money Being a Surrogate Mother

If you don’t mind being pregnant and you would like to be a surrogate mother this would be a great way to earn some extra money and help those that can’t have a family.

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