Best Review - Top 7 Horror Movies for Halloween


ooking for a scary movie for Halloween? Need a little fright for a sleepover, movie night or other occasion? You have come to the right place for seven spooky scares.

There are a lot of horror movies out on the market because they are typically cheaper to make then other films, but some are better than others because of a strong story line, moral and/or good acting.

Some of the best horror movies are allegories for good versus evil. Other good horror movies are based (loosely) upon historic events and offer a look at historic legends.

The following seven movies are not ranked in any particular order past the first two and have some plot elements to recommend them to those looking for scares at Halloween or any time of the year.

Bell Witch
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The horror movie "House" is based upon the Christian fiction horror novel "House" co-authored by writers Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. The controversial Christian film is an allegory of the struggle between good and evil and has some suspenseful moments and interesting twists.

Top 2

An American Haunting

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"An American Haunting" starring Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek is near the top of my list because it is based on the legend of the Bell Witch from Adams, Tennessee, who began haunting the Bell family in the early 1800s. My father's family lived in Adams in the early 1800s. Mahala Darden, who was considered a pillar of the community, was interviewed for the "Red Book" about the Bell Witch by Martin Van Buren Ingram, so I grew up hearing the story.

Top 3

The Lost Colony: The Legend of Roanoke (Wraiths of Roanoke)

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While "The Lost Colony: The Legend of Roanoke" is not the best scary film out there, it is very loosely based on the historic story of the Roanoke, Virginia settlement which disappeared in the 1580s and offers a ghostly theory based upon spirits about what might have happened to the colonists.

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The Uninvited

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"The Uninvited," starring Emily Browning, Arielle Kebbel, Elizabeth Banks, and David Strathairn is psychological horror-suspense thriller and remake of the 2003 South Korean film "A Tale of Two Sisters." It is a creepy movie about murder and guilt.

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The Haunting of Molly Hartley

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"The Haunting of Molly Hartley," starring Haley Bennett and Chace Crawford, is a strange movie, somewhat derivative of other horror films including "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Omen" but with some contemporary twists.

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The "Twilight" movies with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner blur the lines between the romance, drama and horror genres, but there is enough spookiness and scares to them to include them on my list.

Top 7

The Conjurer

Full of eerie suspense, Andrew Bowen, Maxine Bahns, and John Schneider star in this terrifying tale of a couple who move into a country home with a dilapidated cabin on the property. They soon begin to suspect that the cabin is haunted by the spirit of the dead conjurer who once lived there. "The Conjurer" is scary enough for Halloween.

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A good horror movie should be more than a blood-splattered slasher film with gratuitous violence, sex and gore. These 7 scary movies offer either a strong plot and good acting, a clear look at the battle between good and evil, or examine history and legends in a provocative fashion, relying more on suspense than shock. Happy Halloween!

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