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e have to figure out our finances for short and long term planning, whether it is looking at the country's financial state to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping to retirement planning. We must be prepared.

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Retirement Planning is a Must

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Retirement planning is a must for all of us. We do not think about it when we are young, but we should, especially when we are young when we retire. Financial, personal, and family planning should be part of your retirement plan. Retirement surprises can be unpleasant and jolting. Get your retirement plan into place.

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Who is to Blame for America's Financial Downfall?

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Our country is in financial trouble and playing the blame game is a favorite past time. Government, Wall Street and banks are at the top of the blame list, but there is one more factor that needs to be addressed.

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Why We Did Not Pay for Our Children's College

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Paying for college is hard in this economy. Kids learn responsibility for their actions and have ownership in their education when they have to find ways to figure out how to pay for their own college tuition. They are less likely to do poorly if they are paying for their education, rather than their parents.

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Tips for Saving Money from a Frugal Mom

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In today's economy, we have to pinch every cent we get to raise a family. Here is one mom's way of saving money and stretching a dollar.

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Why Financial Estate Planning is Important

Financial estate planning in the event of your death is important for those you are leaving behind. Some simple financial planning steps will make it easier for you to control how you want your estate handled and will greatly reduce the stress for your loved ones left behind.

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Black Friday Online Deals

Why go to all the hassel of hitting the Black Friday in-store deals when you can Google "Black Friday Online Deals" and shop from the comfort of your own home? You can get wonderful deals then get up on Friday and go to your local shops to contribute to your community. No need to put your life at risk with the crowds.

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Cyber Monday Deals and More

Cyber Monday is here. Take advantage of great deals, but know that more are bound to come. Be careful not to over spend so you can have a wonderful Christmas and a truly Happy New Year.

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America is in financial crisis. We must do our part to help with our personal financial planning, our spending, our financial decisions, and our planning for our own retirement and estate.

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