Best Review - Top 7 Disadvantages Of Living In A Care Home


t is important to research care homes carefully, as well as other care options like care at home and assisted living. Speak to your doctor about a care assessment and speak to your friends and family. The more you know, the more informed your decision will be. You can have a happy, healthy and independent later life with the right choice of care for your needs.

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Cost of a Care Home

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Care homes can cost a lot of money, particularly if you have to pay for your own care and don't have any help with care fees.

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A Higher Incidence Of Falls

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With care at home there are a third fewer falls and a quarter of the hip fractures compared to care homes. Hip fractures can be particularly dangerous for the elderly as recovery can be very difficult in later life.

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A Lack Of Choice If You Do Get Financial Help

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Unfortunately you will have less choice as to where you go if you get financial help paying for care from your local authority. You may even have to move quite far away from your local area in order to get a place in a care home that matches your needs.

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It Isn't Home

Statistics show that 98% of people would rather not go into a care home if they become unwell or unable to look after themselves. No matter how nice the care home is, it isn't home.

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Loneliness Can Still Be An Issue

Unfortunately loneliness can be an issue in care homes because there are lots of people of a similar age, but they aren't your friends and family and you may have even have had to leave your partner to move into a care home.

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Negative Emotions

A person can feel lost, displaced, depressed and even rejected if they are placed in a care home when they really don't want to go into one.

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A Lack Of Independence

You may not be able to choose when you get up, go to bed, get dressed, or do anything you want. You may also struggle to get out of the home to do the things you enjoy doing. This loss of independence can be very distressing and cause a person to feel dependent and no longer like themselves.

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