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n this section you will find a Costa Rica Investment Guide based in developers experience.

The Right Place Developers are currently in discussions with numerous major hotel chains whose market research point to Costa Rica as the next Puerto Vallarta corridor in Mexico. The opening of the 2300 acre 5 Star Four Seasons Hotel started this trend quickly followed by the announcement of 310 more rooms for the luxurious JW Marriott Hotel Flag. Recently the Hyatt Hotels and Resorts committed to a 557 acre ($100 million) project with a Greg Norman golf course. The Rosewood Hotels and Resorts have reportedly signed a deal for 150 acres and The Ritz-Carlton is looking at the land bought by Mr. Steve Case co-founder of American On-Line (AOL). Regent, Ritz Carlton and Aman Resorts International, just to name a few, are all vying for beachfront property along the northern Pacific Coast. Most are planning five star hotels and up-scale residential communities. It is almost certain Walt Disney Company will join the ranks of high end hotel and resort destinations staking their claim in Costa Rica. In the summer of 2006 Disney launched their highly publicized Pura Vida Tours. Rumor has it that Walt Disney Corporation bought an Island in the Gulf of Nicoya 40 years ago and recently it has been confirmed that the company purchased other large tracks of land.

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What to Invest In Costa rica?

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Some people picture their perfect house as an exotic bungalow surrounded by lush palm trees and facing a beautiful beach. Others see themselves living in a cattle-ranch type hacienda. Still, others would prefer a more urban option in or near a major city. Whether you’re looking for a hut, a condominium or a mansion, you’ll find it in Costa Rica. In trying to determine what best suits you it is important to research locations and concentrate on your needs. Costa Rica has a variety of climates, from Guanacaste’s dry heat to the very humid areas on the Caribbean side. Once you’ve found your ideal climate make sure you are close to what you deem important. Determine if the property has electricity and water. Is there a town nearby for supplies? Are there banks and schools in the area? What about suitable health care facilities? Finally before purchasing any property take a look at the type of community you’ll be living in.

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Who its Investing In Costa Rica?

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Below you will find information on the coastal real estate activity with proximity to Liberia airport, located in the Pacific North West of Guanacaste. This area is also known as the Gold Coast. Our coastal area has become the hot spot in Guanacaste, because both developers and investors from all over the world have recognized this area as a spectacular resort destination. We have the demand, but not enough supply of lots, condos, homes or hotels.

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How to Invest in Costa Rica?

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Costa Rica has a safe and well developed mechanism for title registration and transfer. At the center of this system lies the National Public Registry “NRP”. Buying real estate is not a difficult affair if you seek help from reputable professionals. It is important to work with a broker who knows the area you are interested in as well as a trust-worthy lawyer who can guide you through the steps.

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Where to invest in costa rica?

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Thank you for your interest in Costa Rica. As the most stable democracy in all of Latin America, sporting a beautiful climate and landscape Costa Rica truly lives up to it’s name.

The Switzerland of Latin America

In an effort to help you decide on where to invest in Costa Rica it is important that you understand the different areas of the country. Fortunately I have had the benefit of touring the entire country researching real estate along the way. Below is a summary of my conclusions for your consideration. Costa Rica is divided into seven provinces; Guanacaste, Puntarenas, Limon, Alajuela, Heredia, San Jose, and Cartago. If you want to be by the beach the first three provinces are on the coast.

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Why Invest in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is an incredibly beautiful country and the real estate feeding frenzy fostered by progressive policies towards foreign investment shows no signs of slowing down. With the advantage of an active tourism board and a reputation as a peaceful and environmentally friendly country, an investment in Costa Rica is much more certain than an investment was in the California real estate market 30 years ago. The government is dedicated to preserving Costa Rica’s status as an ecological haven, designating more than 27 percent of the country as protected area.

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When to Invest In Costa Rica?

As the new millennium endures senseless wars, weakening western markets, concerning climate changes baby boomers and retirees are seeking a safer and simpler life. Whether the motivation is a better quality of life, a lower cost of living, less taxes, or a fear of terrorism or a tsunami Costa Rica is swiftly gaining popularity as a top retirement local.

The country has also attracted countless young professionals and families who enjoy many modern conveniences while basking in the unequivocal natural beauty of Costa Rica. Consequently Costa Rica’s real estate market is booming with no signs of slowing down. A steady economy and government, solid social benefits, pristine landscapes, low cost of living and a warm and welcoming population all contribute to making the country a popular destination for investors.

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Finding Certified Real Estate Broker in Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Chamber of Real Estate Brokers (CCCBR) is a self-regulating institution, founded in 1974, with a goal of providing consistency and integrity in those who conduct real estate brokerage services within Costa Rica. The Costa Rica Chamber of Real Estate Brokers, while not under national regulation, adheres to a strong ethics code and actively advocated for the requirement for all brokers to obtain a real estate license. Costa Rican law does not require that a real estate broker have any certification so it is important to incorporate your own good judgment when selecting the criteria that you find to be vital in deciding whether a potential broker is qualified to represent you in the buying process. Membership in this group does not guarantee the knowledge and expertise that you may deem requisite for an individual to represent you in a real estate transaction.

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Safe And Secure Environment Costa Rica is different from the rest of Central America because its wealth, land and power are far more equally distributed; as a result it is the most stable country in the region. Most of the population is middle-class, and even though extreme poverty exists, it is not as large of a problem as it is in other Latin countries. By the standards of a developed country, Costa Rican incomes are very low, but when compared to their other Central American neighbors, salaries and earnings prove to be much better. All this being said Costa Rica is not a utopia…..petty crime is a problem BUT violent crimes are uncommon and can be easily avoided without much effort. In addition unlike most of Latin America the water is drinkable and safe.

This Costa Rica Investment Guide based in tourist, investors and developers experience.

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