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n the digital age it is easier to let computers help you run a business and it’s a lot smarter. Sure, you might be old fashioned and want to do everything the way it used to be done, but that’s hardly practical now. If you are smart you take shortcuts and depend on computers to run things. An example of this is CAFM or Computer Aided Facilities Management.

You want to look for several things in a good CAFM company. It is important for them to have a 24 hour customer service line so you can always get in touch with them.

Reasons Facilities Management is Important

Facilities management is a very important part of running a company. The facilities are usually your biggest asset and a lot of times enough isn't done to make sure they run smoothly. With facilities you can bring in revenue for the company whether it is room rental or providing a service. Facilities management often houses the housekeeping staff which a building could simply not operate without.

The people who run facilities management are there to make sure everything runs smoothly. They are technical support and the break down and set up crew. Operations rely on Facilities Management which is the reason things get done.

Why CAFM Makes Your Company Better

A CAFM can save a lot of money for the company. You will be able to manage the space better with the help of technology and when you have the data CAFM gives you it will make it easier to come to decisions about building a new building or renovating. Making the right decision about these types of things can save a lot of money and CAFM will give you direct access to the data.

Using CAFM will help increase productivity because it helps streamline the process of managing the facility. The whole company will be able to access spreadsheets and the software so that it is easier to run the facility. CAFM will also allow you to provide better customer service by using the Management system to remind you of appointments, reservations, and tasks for your customers. In addition to streamlining the company you can also use CAFM to send out a message to the whole company at once. This makes it easy to quickly change things or make sure something is set up correctly on short notice.

What Can CAFM do for You?

CAFM helps you do a lot of things, but the main thing it helps you do is get rid of paper. When you go electronic all the things people used to have to fill out to rent a space or use a room depending on the type of facility you run, are now online. Customers can access an online portal to help them plan events and employees can check in anytime they need to see what those customers are going to need.

Top Companies that Provide CAFM

If you aren’t sure where to look for this kind of software here are seven companies you can look into for CAFM.

The Top Companies Who Provide Computer Aided Facility Management
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Top 1

Manhattan Software Group

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Manhattan Software Group offers the perfect CAFM for your business. You can control planning, new construction, and room rentals all from one program. The program offers quick training and a very diligent customer service team.

Top 2

Maintenance Connection

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Maintenance Connection recognizes themselves as the sole provider of high quality CAFM software. When you do business with this company, you will have all of the maintenance tools you need at your own fingertips. This company offers a unique blend of technology that gives you everything you need to successfully run your business.

Top 3

eMaint X3 Software

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eMaint X3 Software is ideal when you want something that is flexible and easy to use. It also has reporting features that you can count on. This company really does an excellent job with their software making them an ideal choice for CAFM software.

Top 4

HippoFM Facility Management Software

HippoFM is an ideal software and company to work with if you want CAFM software that is web based. It can be used in a wide range of industries and does not require tons of space on your company devices to be utilized. This software in particular will streamline a large portion of what your business does already making things a great deal easier. You can count on software from HippoFM to be organized and user-friendly. This is a great option for someone who is just getting started with CAFM for the first time.

Top 5

Facilities Management eXpress (FMX)

Facilities Management eXpress is another solid choice. This choice is ideal if you are wanting an option that does not require downloading a lot of software onto your computer. That is because this company actually designed their CAFM software to be web based. You just have to sign into the website from any device with internet. This means you could even use tablets in your company to utilize this software.

Given the fact that it is web based, this software is an ideal choice if you want something that is cost efficient. You will not have to worry about making lots of extra space on the computers you already have.

Top 6

Maintenanceedge By Facilitydude Software

FacilityDude Software is a company that was founded in 2007. It is the sister company of a company called SchoolDude that was founded back in 1999. This company helps local governments, clubs, healthcare providers, and a number of other commercial industries with the type of software they provide.

Top 7

Bigfoot Maintenance Software

Being a maintenance professional is the number one concern of this company. They are committed to providing your business with a powerful and safe solution to all maintenance needs. This is not a huge company, and they believe that being a small company allows them to care more about your needs.

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As you implement a CAFM process into your business, you will need to establish a budget to include the annual costs of having this process. This includes software, hardware, services, supplies, and training. The budget your company has will play a huge role in the opportunities you have.

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