Best Review - Top 7 Christmas Poems I Like

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During this favorite time of the year it's enjoyable to take time out. So when you do, stop and read some relaxing and fun poetry. Christmas poems I like may become a few favorites of yours if they aren't already. These poems were written by several of my favorite poets. I like their style. Their words will live on and be enjoyed by generations to come. Enjoy this holiday season to the utmost. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! "THE NEW YEARS GIFT" Let others look for pearl and... "A CHRISTMAS BIT" If I were Santa Claus... "THE TRUE CHRISTMAS" So stick up ivy and the bays... "CHRISTMAS EVERYWHERE" Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas... "VOICES IN THE MIDST" The time draws near the... "NATIVITY" Immensity cloistered... "What Do We Love About Christmas" What do we love about...
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