Best Review - Top 7 Children's Books about Pollution and the Environment


ost of us want our children to appreciate nature and the world around us. We want them to be environmentally conscious and know how to take care of our planet. We also hope that they will grow up understanding how the environment is affected by our actions.

How do we teach our children about the environment and the effect that pollution has on it?

It is important that parents discuss these topics with their children and one way to get the conversation started is to read books to them or, when they are old enough, give them age-appropriate books to read.

Below are some of my favorite books about the environment. They are appropriate for children in a variety of age groups and they are the perfect way to get the conversation started in your home!

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The Mayor and the Garbage: The Teen Who Saved His Town

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They were all dead. Their little silver bodies floated on the surface of the creek. The fish were floating lifelessly in the stream. This book for 8 - 14 year old teens and preteens begins with the death of fish in a local stream and moves through all the possible reasons why the fish might have died ... as well as why the tiny, nearby town of Sleepy might have an abnormally large number of residents with cancer. Finally, one 15-year old boy decides to find out what is going on.

Top 2

Not Your Typical Book About the Environment

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Want to teach your 5 - 8 year old more about the environment? This is a fun book that they will love and you will enjoy reading it to them!

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A Sense of Place: Teaching Children About the Environment with Picture Books

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This beautifully written and illustrated book about the environment is perfect for preschool and young elementary age children. They will love this picture book and remember the message that it teaches.

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Children of The Earth ... Remember

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Animal habitat is an important part of protecting the environment, and this book will help your children understand why we need to take care of the world ... even those places that are far away.

Top 5

Las Child in the Woods - Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder

Is your child suffering from nature deficit disorder? Many children rarely, if ever, spend time in the woods. This book will help them appreciate the beauty and mystery that the forest offers, and have them yearning to spend time outside.

Top 6

The Three R's: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Many children wonder what they can do to make the world a better place. This book for early elementary children will help them learn how their actions can really make a difference.

Top 7

Pollution: Problems & Solutions

Dealing with pollution can be difficult even for adults. However, this book is written at an elementary age level and will help your children understand how some of the most complicated problems can be solved.

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If we hope to pass on a beautiful planet to our children and grandchildren, we must make sure that we teach those same children and grandchildren how to take care of it.

Many people do not realize how fragile the world is. Nor are they aware that our actions have consequences. A plastic bottle thrown in a gutter miles from the ocean or a river, can be washed down the storm sewer, end up in a waterway miles away and even harm the sea life there.

Parents will appreciate the help that the above books will give them in getting the conversation started with their children. Teaching them about the environment is really teaching them to appreciate the world where they live.

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