Best Review - Top 7 Best Christmas Gifts for Men


ts Christmas time again! What are the best Christmas gifts for men? Men, like children, love to open a nice new present on Christmas. We men work hard all year and what to have some fun too! Lets explore the best Christmas gifts for men.

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Car Parts

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We men love car parts! A starter for a Ford Pinto? How awesome is that! We don't even have to own the car. Showing it off to our friends is just a good. As long as it comes in a box that says, "Nappa," it is a winner!

Top 2

Shinny Things

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OK, shinny but non-breakable things. We love to stare at things with a nice shine but it makes us said if it breaks. Turtle wax is good too.

Top 3

Any Thing Loud

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The louder the better. It could be a stereo or a power log splitter. As long as it is loud enough to set off the neighbors car alarms, we are happy.

Top 4

No Assembly Required

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Every time we assemble things there are always parts left over. This leads others to question our handy work. Questions take the fun out of putting things together as do having to read directions. So, anything that says, "No Assembly Required," is a great gift.

Top 5

Hero Status

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We love having hero status. This can be achieved with a, "Worlds Best Dad," mug, a "Super Dad," T-Shirt, or a best husband/boyfriend plaque. We love showing off our hero status to friends, neighbors, and co-workers. No neck ties, please.

Top 6

Cordless Power Tools

We love tools! It is rush cutting a piece of wood or drilling holes into a wall. Just no power tools with cords, please. If it has a cord we may accidentally cut the cord will working on a cool project. If the cord gets cut, we can't cut wood or drill holes in things.

Top 7

Anything That Use Fire!

Fire is great. The cave men used it so it must be good for us too. Gas grills are good. A gas grill with a leaky fuel line, even better. We also love welding tourches, matches, and electric propane lighters.

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We men work hard and we want to play hard too. Christmas time is the perfect time for us to get one of the best Christmas gifts for men.

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Top Christmas Gifts's picture

I think it is more difficult

I think it is more difficult to buy Christmas gifts for the men in your life. The usual gifts of ties and shirts get boring after a while. But the suggestions from above to buy things for what men love to do is a good idea. It may be a personal gift, but it a gift corresponding to what they love to do.