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ubblews is a cool site to post quick reviews, ideas, opinions and just about anything else you can dream of. I've used Bubblews to write on just about all of those topics and then some. I initially started writing mini reviews on films and linked them to my move review site Best Movie Reviews By TurtleDog. In the meantime I've done dozens of other posts as well on Bubblews in hopes of generating some get paid to write income and promoting traffic to some of my other posts and websites as well.

This post will list some of my favorite movie review articles on Bubblews. Check some of these out. I'd love to see you there. Anyway, keep reading and hopefully you'll agree (or disagree) with some of my movie preferences and opinions as I write about these films.

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Top 7

OK, How Fake is Professional Wrestling?

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Pro Wrestling is fake... right? Right?! Sure it is but it is also all so real. Drama, injury, death, deciet, learn more in this documentary I saw .....

Top 6

So What is it Like to Work as a Parking Attendant?

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Working in a parking lot has more nuances and adventures than you might think. Sometimes the lot itself takes on a life of its own. Check out my thoughts on a Documentary about a very normal, yet not so normal parking lot

Top 5

Live Like a Hippie in Micro Society

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Always wanted free love? Live off the fat of the land. Live with others in commune maybe? Maybe? No? Yes? This film might help you make up your mind.

Top 4

Win a Mixed Martial Arts Title in Your Thirties?

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Can you win an MMA title when you are in your thirites. This guy tries to find out in a documentary about a long career possibly coming to an end. I did a bubble post ont this flick

Top 3

Who Shot Jessie James ? It Wasn't Brad Pitt in This Film

Very cool, moody flick. I wrote a brief post on a film about Jesse James getting shot. Brad Pitt stars. I did a short post on Bubblews and hope that you check it out. This is a neat film. See if it is something that you'd enjoy

Top 2

Cool Chick From The Office Stars in Good Indie Role

Remember that really cool secretary who starred in the (American version of) "The Office" Jenna Fischer isn't the most glamorous of actresses nor is she particularly over the top in her style but she can act and does some solid work. This is a very unusual but touching film. Check out my thoughts.....

Top 1

One of The Most Brutal War Atrocity Films

Ever hear of a famous massacre by the Japanese againt the Chinese during pre-World War Two? This movie is one of the finest foreign language war films I have ever seen. I did a quick post on Bubblews. Click the link or title above to learn more.

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That concludes my Top Best Bubblews Articles on Movies

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