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he following beauty products are fit for girls because they're affordable and they were developed with young women in mind. They range in prices from the equivalent of just three to ten U.S. dollars. All the products are easy to apply.

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Double Eyelid Tape

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This product makes the eyes look bigger. It gives folds to eyes that are a bit small or droopy.

Top 2

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

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The top advantages of this waterproof eyeliner pen from E.L.F are that it's easy to make sharp curves and ends and it's smudge-free.

Top 3

Israel Origin Clay Mask

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Israel Origin Clay Mask makes the skin bright and smooth. It does this by absorbing sebum and purifying the skin.

Top 4

Hot Oil Hair Treatment

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Caimei Extra Care Hot Oil Hair Treatment is good for damaged hair. It repairs the hair, restoring it to a bright, soft, and smooth condition. It also acts as UV protector.

Top 5

Hair Styling Mousse

The Professional Touch Salon Styling Mousse styles the hair and gives volume to the hair and at the same time makes it glowing.

Top 6

Facial Cleansing Foam

The Etude Cleansing Foam is good for girls and also for older women as it doubles as a moisturizer. Unlike some soap products that clean the skin but removes much of the oil from the skin, this facial wash cleans but leaves the skin feeling soft and not dry.

Top 7

Facial Toner

This Sensa Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner moisturizes the skin and at the same time helps erase blemishes.

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In addition to the seven beauty products above, you need to also do something with your personality, so that you'll become a complete beauty -- Beautiful outside and inside. Learn to be cheerful, to be approachable, to smile at people communicating with you and to be kind. But at the same time, be smart, street-smart.

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