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hat it Backlink RSS Feed Super-Creator does:

Goes toward all page and helps to create RSS Feed (Really simply syndication feeds)for each static Html code page.

Combining all RSS feeds in a single feeds.

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Feed Title

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It is the main title for your RSS feed. Which act as defaults if the search engine spider can't get a suitable META title by your HTML pages. We propose you to utilize your primary keyword and key phrase in that field for best Search engine optimization benefits.

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Website Link

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It is the link to your main web site. We will create or make links back to your web site and that is visible within the RSSFeed. Search Engine spiders and Subscribers may visit your wed site by this links embedded from the feeds.

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Location for XML to be stored:

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To create a W3C Authenticated feed, you have to type in these host of this script .As an example, when you approach that script at or you then need to put it inside the text. If you don't need a validated feed, just leave this blank. Once you send this feed intended for validation, please utilize the full Website URL, i.e.: When you trial your validation but without the www, it's going to fail.

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Alternate Feed Description

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Nice. Thanks for these.

Nice. Thanks for these.

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You are

You are Welcome.....mate.............have a nice dayssssssssss ^__^