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ndeed, it has been a busy month with new applications, especially with big-name Android applications such as Twitter's Periscope, which was first introduced on Android this month, and I do not forget the huge updates that some applications have brought, for example Flickr's application for photo and design enthusiasts.

And many of the Android applications that have already won the admiration and satisfaction of Android users to launch or re-released versions of the updated, and here is a list of the best 15 applications of Android applications new and updated for the month of May, and of course you choose your favorite.

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The new keyboard comes with a great update on Android, bringing a whole new theme called Carbon, Dashlane and Swiftkey Hub. The new Carbon theme comes with a simple design that combines the simplicity and the unique design of the BlackBerry. Swiftkey says the new theme provides the smoothness and speed a user needs to experience Featured on the keyboard.

With Dashlane officially supported, Swiftkey keyboard users will be able to fill fields quickly and securely as needed, and of course you must be a Dashlane user to take advantage of this feature.

The Swiftkey Hub feature can be accessed quickly through the menu at the top right of the keyboard, where you can access customization options, Swiftkey and other popular keyboard settings.

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In short, this application makes it easy to create and send your own "memes" in messages through a set of services through the application's network. After typing the text and then typing the "#" passphrase on the text with an appropriate image selection, Application.

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Mistaken photo

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Another application that was launched this month, where the idea is somewhat strange, and you can benefit from the application through the idea of ​​exchanging photos with other users and strangers rather, crystallize his idea to take a picture search you will not see it and when you capture you will get a picture of a stranger in return !.

Also, you do not need an account to use the application. Simply download the app on your Android device and start taking pictures and each image you take will show you the choice of a stranger, knowing that the app does not store your photos or pictures of strangers on your phone.

It gives you the option to share with others via any shareable device on your phone (Twitter, Email, Instagram, Dropbox, etc.).

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QuizUp award-winning multi-game global. The app lets you challenge friends, meet new people, share your interests, and join millions of multiplayer games around the world.

The application was launched at the end of 2013, but this month the company took it upon itself to update the application to make it new as the first time. This was achieved with a major innovation focused on social interaction around challenges and shared interests.

As it now has full features it has become easier to find opponents, and finally support the application on the desktop for the first time in its latest update.

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Given the size of the noise created by this type of application recently, shortly after the launch of the application of live broadcast Meerkat on Android, his rival, direct-based Periscope, supported by Twitter to issue a version on the same system, as a declaration of continued strong competition between the two applications.

If you do not know what this application is, it allows users to broadcast live video to a group of mobile followers, now the app is available free of charge on the Play Store, you can download it and enjoy its options in streaming video.

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And iOS, where it is just like Microsoft's mobile operating system, it allows you to create free custom radio stations from its database of "35 million tracks" and also allows you to reach 6 "skips per" per hour.

The application is smart as it learns what you want, to play and save your favorite music, and other options that are more wonderful, including sharing music on social networks, and keeping hundreds of new and daily tunes on your favorites.

Top 1

Snap Me Up

The new alarm clock, which gives you more than a golden chance to wake up from your sleep in a fun way, gives you the option to turn off the annoying alarm by capturing your silphy and will only allow you to turn off the alarm when you take a silky picture of you. Do not tire yourself twice for the first time to take the necessary and wake up immediately.

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