Best Review - Top 6 Women who have played Cat Woman


here have been quite a few beautiful women to take on the role of the catwoman. Just take a look at the list of these extraordinary women. This list is not in the "best to worst" order but simply reverse chronological. Starting with the smoking hot Anne Hathaway and her appearance in the recent Dark Knight Rises...

There have been quite a few beautiful women through jump into this great role from the classic TV series of the 1960s to the Batman movies and Catwoman movie of the 1980s to modern days dark Knight trilogy, the role of Catwoman has been an important part and a defining character in the Batman mythology.

Top women who have played the catwoman
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Top 1

Anne Hathaway

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The most recent woman who has played the catwoman, and one of the all time best! Anne Hathaway is simply gorgeous, and in my opinion one of the very best women's ever play this role. Hopefully someday in the near future she will get her own starring role in standalone Catwoman movie. Hopefully redeeming the fiasco of the last Catwoman movie.

Top 2

Halle Berry

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Perhaps one of the worst movies of all times, Halle still manages to have pictures that are simply one of the sexiest catwomen.
It is not combination. Halle being one of the best looking and sexiest characters to play Catwoman. Certainly having the sexiest Catwoman suit from all the series. But the writing and directing and yes, some of the acting was so horribly bad that it destroyed the image of what would otherwise be the sexiest Catwoman of all time.

If only the movie itself were any good...

Top 3

Michelle Pffieffer

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A good looking woman, a catsuit, a decent movie. Not a bad deal for the only blond Catwoman. Michelle may not been the best Catwoman of all time, but she did decent job and portrayed an interesting Catwoman.

Top 4

Eartha Kitt

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Eartha Kitt was the star of TVs version of the Catwoman who stood out the most. With her unique purring voice she really created a Catwoman that many have imitated but none have duplicated.

Top 5

Lee Merriwether

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Lee Meriwether was another of the great women who starred as the voluptuous Catwoman. Perhaps the sexiest of the women who played it on the TV version of the Batman series.

Top 6

Julie Newmar

The lady who started it all and the one against all future ladies who donned the cat suit would be measured against

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The Catwoman has been a role there's been played again and again. It is interesting role is played by some of the most beautiful women in the world. I hope you enjoy these links that help you find out more about these beautiful women who played this great role and checked out some of the pictures and information about them to get a better understanding of the women who have played the role of the Catwoman

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