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hese are my online earnings for the month of May 2011 from various websites and affiliate or referral programs that I participate in. I've included my online earnings from Amazon Associates, writing lenses on Squidoo, Google Adsense, and also referral bonuses from the cash back websites Mr Rebates, Ebates, and Big Crumbs. (I did NOT include my cash back earnings from my personal online shopping from these programs, only commisions made from referring others to save money with these cash back websites.)

All of these websites are free to use and are helping me increase my passive income from online sources. My goal is to gradually earn more and more money each month from these websites. I've included links to each of the websites for anyone who would also like to earn money online each month from these free sources. Please note that some of the links are referral links and I may receive a small referral fee for helping you save money (from the cash back websites) and make money online from these sources.

Online Income I've earned from Cash Back Websites
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Ebates Cash Back - $150

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The total amount of money I made online from Ebates Cash Back this month was $150. This includes referring 10 new members who are now earning cash back on all their online shopping purchases. I earned a referral bonus of $5 for each new member I referred. I also earned a $100 referral bonus for referring more than 10 members during the referral bonus period of Mar 1- May 30th. This DOES NOT include any cash back rebates I earned from my personal online shopping.

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Mr Rebates Cash Back - $84.31

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I also made money online with Mr Rebates Cash Back website. Mr Rebates is another cash back website in which I earn referral commissions for referring others to save money with their online shopping. However, unlike Ebates who pays a flat $5 for referring a new member who purchases at least $25 while getting cash back from Ebates; Mr Rebates pay me 20% of the cash back that the new member gets forever (while the new member still gets their entire cash back amount). I was able to earn $84.31 during the month of May just by my referrals shopping online. These online shoppers received a whopping $421.55 in cash back rebates! Wow, that's a lot of cash back. I earned 20% of that amount ($84.31). These rebates could be from any of the 9 new members I referred during the month of May, or they could be from any of the other 80 members getting cash back on their shopping that I referred in prior months.

Top 3

Amazon Associates - $50.59

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Amazon Associates is yet another way to make money online at home. It's one of the largest affiliate marketing programs on the internet, offering websites owners a commission for referring people by links to products being sold on Most of these commissions come from products links that are found on my pages, or my blogs. This was for a total of 21 products sold and shipped from Amazon.

Top 4

Squidoo - $24.92

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Squidoo gives me a way to earn money by writing online. I write lenses (basically just individual webpages) on Squidoo about various topics. My top lenses are about Antique Coca-Cola Machines. These earnings include both ad revenue share and also commissions from any Amazon or eBay product sales on my pages. (Not including individual links to Amazon products like text links....these are including in the Amazon Associates earnings listed above)

Top 5

Google Adsense - $3.19

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Yes, my Google Adsense earnings are only a tiny $3.19. This includes revenue share from ad revenue sharing sites like Best Reviewer (click the link below if you want to start earning money from Google Adsense by writing on Best Reviewer)

Top 6

Big Crumbs Cash Back - $1.93

And last AND least of all, the amount of money I made from Big Crumbs Cash Back was only $1.93. I haven't spent much time promoting Big Crumbs Cash Back, and my online earnings from them reflects that! This is from referral commissions from the online shopping from any one (or many) of the 18 people I've referred to Big Crumbs Cash Back.

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My total earnings for the month of May 2011 was $314.94 from all six of the websites listed above. This was an increase from my online earnings in April 2011, which was $254.81. My March 2011 online earnings were $127.96.

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james's picture

It's incredible that your

It's incredible that your adsense earnings are only $0.1 per day in May 2011!
You can only improve from there, at least 100 times more quite easily!
$10 a day is not too much at all for adsense.. Good luck.

azlaird's picture

Thanks James! My thoughts

Thanks James! My thoughts exactly. Nowhere to go but up! I already have $1.89 from today alone from Google Adsense from Best-Reviewer and SheToldMe.

Zentao01's picture

I am very versed in the 3-5

I am very versed in the 3-5 but I have never tried any "rebate" sites. I might have to give them a "look-see"

wahmshelley's picture

Wow, I am with you...I will

Wow, I am with you...I will definitely have to take a look at the rebate sites as well...Thanks for the great tips!!!

WAHM Shelley...