Best Review - Top 6 Ways To Warm Up Your Living Room This Winter


n winter you are likely to spend the majority of your time in your living room when you are at home, so it's important it is warm and cosy. Here are some tips to help you achieve this.

warm cosy living room
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Fill Up Your Senses

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In order to give your front room a complete sense of warmth and comfort, it is important to play on the senses.
Opt for sofas and chairs that are squashy and comfortable. Any furniture that needs 'softening up' can be muffled with squashy throws made from faux fur or chenille. Cushions should be textured with velvet, thick knits or weaves. Change the curtains to heavier types that are faux suede or double layered to keep the cold out and to add a more chunky, winter look. A statement rug on the floor tiles is a great idea, especially if they are cold underfoot. Alternatively, consider adding a 'slipper rack' for the family and guests to use so they can avoid getting a chill from the cold floor tiles. Last of all, make sure you don't forget about your sense of smell. Light winter scented candles that smell like vanilla, orange and spices.

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Interior Decor Colours

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Deep purples and dark blues are on trend this winter, as are warm yellows, olive greens and hot reds. Rich browns are also a great addition, best added via natural materials like woods.

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Wonderful Flooring

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If you have a real fireplace with a fire in, you'll already have a cosy focal point. If you have an empty fireplace, dress it up for a warmer look. Consider adding a wood pile, or some candles (if safe) and making the fireplace look inviting. If you have a raw brick fireplace, one great way to modernise it or make it a 'feature' is to add vintage porcelain tiles to it. You could fix them in properly, or simply arrange them around the fire. If you are lucky enough to have a real wood floor then polish your wooden flooring until it gleams and reflects the light of the fire.

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Sofa, So Good

Sometimes you don't have to add anything, you just need to move things around to get a completely different look. Your furniture should look inviting, immediately creating a social and inclusive environment. Don't push furniture against the walls, and instead bring it forward and centre it around a focal point like the TV, a view, or a fireplace.

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This Little Light Of Mine, I'm Gonna Let It Shine

Often a change in lighting can completely change the mood. For winter you will want the lighting to be soft. Use candles and fairy lights where possible, and change lampshades to give out muted light.

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Make It Cost-Effective

Try not to make any expensive changes to the interior of your home before Christmas, it's just not the time of year to be splashing out! Use this change in interior design to experiment with your thrifting and upcycling skills, there's no reason you can't have a warm and inviting living room this winter for minimal expenditure.

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Winter is the perfect time to improve your living space when there is less desire to go out in the cold. So try some of these top tips to make your home warm and cosy.

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