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e've all maxed out our credit cards at one point or the other. We have regretted buying those cheetah print boots. But, we still find ourselves spending wastefully on shopping. How to shop smart? The trick is to understand your finances and understand that the shops are made to look pretty for you.

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One would be very surprised to know where bargaining leads people to. It really does work! No shame in asking for a fair price. Start with unfair prices and you and the seller might agree on a middle ground somewhere. Our mothers knew it best!

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Make a Budget

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Enter the shop with a fixed budget in mind. Try to fit everything in that budget for as much as possible. A budget is a very good control device on expenditure.

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Try online shopping

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Online shopping is a boon. Often, there are discounts up to even 70 percent. You cannot skip this arena. With secure modes of payment, this is a very viable alternative.

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Evaluate Needs

"Do I really need it ? " is a very helpful question. We tend to impulsively shop a lot. Evaluating your needs helps you cut down on luxury spending when in a financial fix.

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Do you research

There are tons of websites reviewing products the day they are launched. Be sure to make good use of them. You do not want to block your money in something you would never use.

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Compare prices.

More often than not, the same product is available at much lower rates somewhere else. Make sure you are paying the right price for the product by comparing the prices.

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Next time you go out to shop, you might still have some money left for a chocolate ice cream.

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