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ome people blog to promote themselves and their work, and other people blog for the fun of it, but regardless of where you fall on the scale it's possible to turn your blog into an income stream. Methods include selling advertising space, using your blog for affiliate marketing, or even selling subscriptions via Amazon on the Kindle. Here are the top 5 methods for you to make money using your blog starting today, brought to you by The Literary Mercenary.

The Literary Mercenary has answers for how to turn your blog into a cash cow.
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Make Money Blogging With Google Adsense

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The most basic method to make money with your blog is to put ads on it. Google AdSense is one of the most common advertising methods currently on the market, and it puts a robust earning mechanism right on your blog. If you have a high level of traffic, this could possibly explode your income overnight.

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How To Add a Tip Jar to Your Blog

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Content creators from authors to musicians often depend on tips left to them by satisfied readers. Thanks to PayPal putting a tip jar on your blog is something that can be done in minutes. Just come up with a snappy name and remind your readers that if they want to support you all they have to do is toss some change into the virtual jar.

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Make Money With Your Blog Using Patreon

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Patronage is how artists have thrived since before the Middle Ages, and has brought those methods into the modern day. A simple website all you have to do is sign up for an account and let people know that by becoming your patron they're directly supporting you. This will result in cash on the nail every time you publish a blog entry, which can provide a lot of motivation to keep creating solid, follow-worthy content.

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How to Publish Your Blog to The Kindle

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Amazon's Kindle is the most popular ereader on the market, providing content to thousands of people. If you have a blog then it's possible for you to sell subscriptions to your blog through Amazon so that those who want to follow you on their Kindles can do so. If you don't have a foot in the ereader door yet, then you might want to seriously consider this option.

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Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest buzzwords on the Internet. Any time you type in a way to make money from home, this is the method that comes up. If you have a blog that operates as a great platform for selling stuff, whether it's books and movies or vacuum cleaners and big screen TV sets, then you are a prime candidate for affiliate marketing. All you need to do is get popular and, of course, actually sell products. Here's how it works.

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Make Money With Your Blog By Selling Swag

Making a living off of a blog isn't easy. It takes heavy traffic, lots of ad clicks, huge support from readers, and likely some affiliate marketing too. If you want to make more money from your blog though, you might contemplate opening a store and selling some extra merchandise too. After all, people can buy more than books from an author, can't they? Tee shirts, coffee mugs, hoodies, bumper stickers... the sky's the limit, really.

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The Best Alternative to Google AdSense

Whether you can't get a Google AdSense account or you feel that Google simply isn't earning you enough money, there are alternatives on the market. The Literary Mercenary has found one of the best, and brought it straight to you!

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Turning your blog into a revenue stream isn't easy, and most of the time it won't happen overnight. You need to build up a steady audience, increase your traffic, and make sure that you keep producing high-quality content. In fact that last part is probably the most important thing you can do if you want to start earning a regular paycheck from your blog. Bad content just won't catch people's attention, and you need that if you're ever going to see a penny from your online efforts.

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I also runs some blogs and

I also runs some blogs and now they are receiving enough traffic to do monetization and thanks for compiling such a helpful article here from where I'm going to select the methods that can help me and my blog network in covering the expenses.