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mageGrassy(TM) is a recently released App for Intel Ultrabook(TM) devices. These devices are creating all the buzz recently for it's touch screen, GPS, and sensors. App innovators are gearing up for Ultrabook specific Apps. ImageGrassy is a latest inclusion in the list. So how does it boost your Ultrabook experience and how can you show off your beast of this device to your friends?

ImageGrassy UI
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It shows off your Ultrabook(TM) like none other

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You know that your ultrabook comprises of several sensors like Accelerometer, Ambient light Sensor, Gyroscope. And you want to see what they do. So you go to AppUp and search for Apps that shows the utility of these sensors. Dont be disappointed to find bunch of Apps that shows the sensor reading in Graphs or panels. But Tell me would you really be interested to know what are the values of each sensor or you actually want to show your friends what these sensors can do to your Ultrabook experience? With ImageGrassy you can stand out from crowd and be appreciated for what you show. Create a gallery of images. Hold Ultrabook in your hand, just tilt it back to start a gallery slide show. Hold it in air, lift back, rotate left to get into full screen viewing. Hold your Ultrabook, shake it to get the gallery collection. Use Pinch gesture with your fingers to zoom and pan the image. Bring another Ultrabook nearer and share the image through NFC. Beside work with all the controls just be tapping and without using the mouse. Get your position and Geo tag your galleries to show the images on the Map. Yes real Maps.

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Making Gallery and Sharing was never as much fun

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With ImageGrassy, you can download your Facebook albums. Open photos, retouch them, add effects and share to your Facebook album. Or just download the photos in your Bluetooth phone. Or use Clipboard support to copy the retouched image to word, paint power point or wherever you want.

Make a gallery of wonderful images. Include notes, geotag and bundle the gallery as gift file. Send this gift file to your friends, loved ones. They can unpack it instantly and enjoy your collection. This is just amazing.

Many photo sharing software claim to do wonderful stuff but none come as close to ImageGrassy in ease and options as par as sharing is concerned.

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Get your daily need of Imaging done by ImageGrassy

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So how you use image in your daily life? Open them, convert patterns, create icon, create PNG files, resize them, cut a portion of the image, make gif animations? And how you go about them? You rely on online tools for making Gif files, creating Icons. You rely on MS-Paint to resize and cut photos. But ImageGrassy gives all these into a single interface. Make a gallery and create an animated gif file to publish in web pages. Create favicon for websites with different sizes. Free hand exact cut of images, rectangular selection and cut, resize, free hand brush! Do you really need to be online to get these works done?

Not only that, the software also provides you option to create and decode QR code which is very much essential in any digital publishing these days.

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Use it for copyright and security

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You have some password or Bank ATM numbers or any other details that you are reluctant to store in your Phone? ImageGrassy gives you inbuilt steganography tool with which you can store secret information like pins and account numbers behind images with strong 256 bit encryption. You can view your information by providing the password.
You can add watermarks to your images with Logo and text. You can change the orientation of the text and logo in watermark.

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Have Fun

Books and Images are our best friend. While waiting in for an appointment we do tend to read a paragraph or play a quick game or see through some photos. ImageGrassy comes with many fun transforms like Grow Old effect, Swirl effect, Water reflection effect. So you can just retouch the images with single click and publish it to facebook. Nothing is better than an easy and creative time out.

Take a small ice image and transfer the entire texture to your face. Group several images of yours and your friends and create a face collage( An image created with smaller images).

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There are some things for Tech Geeks too

If you are a tech geek and you feel such software are for cheeks and kids, then look out. ImageGrassy gives you wonderful image processing tools to perform various experiments. It supports various filtering like median filter, Mean shift, wavelet transform, face detection, color conversion. So you can use it to quickly detect a specific object through various transforms. Analyze the images on the fly by histograms. This software on ultrabook can be your best friend in developing new algorithms.

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Photo sharing, Image Processing, Image manipulation is one of the most creative past times and one of the most loved ones. When this hobby combines with need and obsession, you want to get maximum out of your Application. You do not want to download or buy an App for each of your requirement. ImageGrassy closes the bridge of Professional software and day to day imaging needs with real simplistic manner.
You can download ImageGrassy from Intel AppUp center from

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