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thought I'd write a sort of guide / fact list on triggerfish spread out over a couple of articles. Hopefully they help you to better identify, cook, catch and learn a bit about the trigger fish. The triggerfish is one of the coolest fish I've caught off the New Jersey bay. Sure there are plenty of other fish that are better to eat, fish for, or learn about but this is one of the more unusual I have seen live in it's natural environment (which probably means I'm not that great of a fisherman but I suppose that is another story for another time.

Here are my top Triggerfish Facts Guide and Recipe

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Triggers are so Cool They Are Even Toys

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If you want to check out some products made into triggerfish, click the link below and check it out. Be sure to stop back here though. There are some really cool facts, tips, guides, even a great way to cook trigger fish if you keep reading

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What is So Cool About a Triggerfish

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Before we say anything you should learn a bit about what a trigger fish looks like. I can't say my description is a Jacques Cousteau quality description but I also managed to post a picture too. Check out the link below to learn what makes a trigger fish cool or click heading above ("What is So Cool About a Triggerfish " ) to learn more about the look of this very cool fish. The post is pretty simple but feel free to leave us with your opinion and hope you enjoy it.

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Learn why is it Named Triggerfish

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Ok, after reading the description and seeing the picture you are probably wondering why the fish is called a triggerfish. This is an excellent question and one that I discuss in another one of my posts you can click to below or click the title / heading above ("Learn why is it Named Triggerfish") If you have more information to add, feel free to comment. Always looking for new advise but this post should give you a good explanation on how this fish earned it's name.

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The Purpose of The Triggerfish Trigger Please

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So you've learned why the triggerfish is called what it is, but you might still be wondering what the trigger is all about. The trigger is a very important feature that helps this small but mighty fish survive in the water. Check out my post by clicking the link just below this paragraph or by linking through the heading / title above ( "The Purpose of The Triggerfish Trigger Please" ) This should take you to my short (but sweet ;-) post that will teach you where the trigger is.

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Fishing for Triggerfish and Catching Them

It takes a little finesse to catch a triggerfish. Their mouths are powerful but very small and loaded with teeth. It can be tough getting a hook in there. When they bite too, WHAM! Triggerfish put up a good fight when you have them hooked. I wrote a post that gives you the facts and tips you need to know about catching these fish. Where to find them, what kind of rig to use and proper bait. I have the post linked below and you can also click the heading above in order to access this great set of tips on landing a trigger fish (" Fishing for Triggerfish and Catching Them ")

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Eating Triggerfish - Best Recipe

OK, if you have managed to catch a triggerfish you might want to learn a bit about eating them too. I think this fish is good to eat. It is pretty easy to cook and the flesh is so tasty that it is difficult to mess up this easy recipe. What does this fish taste like? It has an almost meaty taste too it. Flaky flesh. Not gamey but not light fish either. Try it if you catch one.

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I hope this Triggerfish / Facts / Guide / Recipe provides you with the guidance you need to learn as much as possible about the trigger fish. Thanks for stopping by.

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