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ave phone will travel! Travel can be an immensely fun activity to do if one is armed with a ticket and with a cell phone. Travel is an immensely fulfilling and exciting way to spend time and with the help of your mobile this pastime can be made even more peaceful and stress free.

There are plenty of travel apps that qualify for a bit of investment of time but here are some of the top ones that can make the difference when you are jet setting around the world and completely take the stress out of traveling!

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Travel Buddy Mobile App

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What an amiable application this must be! With a name like Travel Buddy, this application can give you a veritable cornucopia of features. The Swiss knife of travel apps anyone? You can get a calculator, note pad, camera, mirror, stopwatch and many others rolled into one great application.

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Hotel Tonight

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Spontaneity is the key! This app will come in handy when you have made last minute travel plans. Or when you have come to a new place and have not made hotel reservations. Or even if your flight has been postponed or cancelled and you are left without a place to stay. This application can tell you all about hotel rooms and get you to enjoy a discount of up to 70% off as well. It is free and available for Android, iPhone and iPad. Using this app can eliminate one of the biggest concerns for people - hotel rooms.

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Traveling can be made so much easier if you knew exactly when your flight is taking off and if you knew all about departure gates and maps. No more rushing like a mad hatter through airport terminals. It can also tell you whether your flight is getting delayed. This app is useful because it can help you know well in time about all pertinent information so you will always be stress free at an airport – any airport - around the world.

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The Cartographer

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Reading maps in the old fashioned way – that’s what this application delivers. The maps may look old fashioned but you can access them through your mobile device and plan your trip and route well in time and with as much details as you want. You can even download the maps on your device so you know exactly where you are going! A map can come in handy, especially when you have gone off the beaten track and do not have too many people around who can guide you on your way. Now who said woman can’t read maps!

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Tipping at hotels and restaurants can be a bit of a dilemma when traveling abroad. Knowing about the cultures and mores of that country will enable you in leaving the correct amount as tips and Tipulator helps you in this connection. It splits up bills, tips and gives you the amount that you can leave.

Top 6


With a name that sounds like the name of the perfect butler, Alfred can indeed help find you the perfect restaurant. This is one restaurant app that can be trained to find you the place that you love. Aspects like ambience and price and cuisine can all be inputted into Alfred so it will generate the names of places that you will enjoy in whichever part of the world you are in.

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parker's picture

Great list! I’ve tried Flight

Great list! I’ve tried Flight Tracker and love it, and am looking forward to checking out some of the others you have listed as well. As for suggestions, the one thing I hate about travelling is the actual time I spend getting from point A to point B; the wait at the gate, layovers, delays. To combat this I use my Kindle app, or the DISH Remote Access app I picked up. A coworker of mine here at DISH recommended it, and I love it. It gives me access to live and recorded shows off our receiver, anywhere I can get a wifi or 3G connection. It’s awesome for just relaxing in the hotel at the end of a long day of sightseeing, too.