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our skin is the largest organ of your body...With that being said it needs the same tender loving care as other organs, such as your heart, lungs or liver...Take extra special care of your aging skin with proper cleaning, diet, exercise and more...Read below to find out what full body health program, WAHM Shelley recommends...Your skin and your whole body will thank you...

The anti-wrinkle formula that I recommend has the following six components:

1. Anti Aging Skin Care

2. Good Nutritional Diet

3. Detox Program

4. Skin Tightening Exercises

5. Increase HGH Levels with Rest

6. Positive Youthful Attitude

Be sure to read through this entire top list and watch all the videos (including videos from Dr. Oz and other doctors recommending habits for a healthy lifestyle), so that you will have a complete picture of what a successful home health program is that will lead to your having younger looking skin...

For Younger Looking Skin
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Top 1

Anti Aging Skin Care

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Care for your aging skin by cleansing it properly, moisturizing it sufficiently and protecting it daily...As you clean or wash your face, you are not only removing it of impurities but your goal should also be to gently remove the dead skin cells which will help remove wrinkles...I find as I've gotten older, that the natural shedding of dead skin cells needs a little help...So, I highly recommend Oil of Olay Daily Cleansing Cloths...You can conserve their use by either cutting them in sections or adding extra cleanser to them for repeated uses...After cleansing you should seal in the moisture that the water has provided with an anti-aging face cream or lotion both daily and at night...I also recommend that you seal your skin with a protectant with SPF 30 against the suns harmful rays...If you would like a complete skin care guide for your face you should READ THIS...Below you will see a video which contains a recipe for an all-natural facial that your skin will love...This recipe contains honey which is one of the best things for inside and outside of your body...

Top 2

Good Nutritional Diet

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A healthy nutrition plan is paramount to taking good care of your skin...Your skin needs vitamins and nutrients fed to it from the inside out...How do you achieve this???...By eating foods rich in antioxidants...Those types of foods are called superfoods...Eating a well balanced diet including a good variety of foods that are good for all parts of your body is best for your overall health and your aging skin...You can read more about a healthy diet plan that is good for your skin HERE... Below you can watch Dr. OZ speaking to another doctor about how to reduce wrinkles by eating foods rich in antioxidants...

Top 3

Detoxification Programs

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As we age, there is an accumluation of things that clog the systems of our bodies...These bad things are referred to as toxins...Toxins get into our body from our environment as well as our diet...It is best to clean your fresh fruits and vegetables with a vingegar wash before eating them...And although that will help, we are exposed to toxins daily that are airborne and in our environment from chemicals that we clean our homes and businesses with and insect sprays, for example...All of these toxins can make our bodies uneasy or dis-eased...Therefore a good detox program is essential to increasing our good health, feeling young and being our best... So, be sure to fight the ill-effects of years of exposure to toxins by selecting the best detox programs for you...Read more about a detox program that will improve your skin HERE...
Watch the video below to hear what a doctor has to say about the importance of detoxification to fighting diseases and maintaining good health...

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Skin Tightening Exercises

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Tighten loose skin on your whole body with a good exercise program...The most efficient exercise for complete health and well-being is rebounding... Rebounding on a mini-trampoline is not only fun, but effective in aiding the circulation of lymph fluids through your lymph system... And your lymph system collects the toxins in your body for removal...The lymph system does not have a pump, like your heart or lungs to eliminate these wastes (Watch the video above for more information about how your diet can effect your lymph system.)...So exercise is one of the best ways of helping your lymph system do its job better...Excercising on a rebounder trampoline is the perfect exercise to remove toxins from your lymphatic system and tighten loose skin at the same time... Watch the video below to see how rebounding can improve your whole body's health, including your muscle tone which will tighten your skin...You will hear that rebounding is also an excellent exercise to fight osteoporosis...Be sure to read more about the greatest exercise ever, rebounding, in this book...

Top 5

Increase HGH with Sleep

Cell regeneration occurs with higher levels of human growth hormone (HGH)... Increase your HGH levels with a long restful sleep...FYI, more growth hormones are produced during exercises like rebounding and while you are sleeping...Increasing your growth hormones with more sleep will help you look younger and feel fresher...Read more about how increasing your growth hormone levels can fight the effects of aging and improve your health HERE...Watch the video below to see why this doctor recommends that you should sleep 7-9 hours every night...

Top 6

The Power of Attitute

Last but not least of all, is having the proper mindset...You are as young as you feel...As the song goes, "Age aint nothin but a number"...So be young at heart, smile have a youthful attitude and you will appear younger and have a better life... Read more about reprogramming your mind to feel young and fresh in this book...

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TinaAtHome's picture

I think diet is the most

I think diet is the most important thing for good looking skin.

wahmshelley's picture

I agree with you @TinaAtHome,

I agree with you @TinaAtHome, but with a slight twist...I think that WATER is the most important thing for younger looking skin...A person needs to not only drink plenty of water, but also cleanse their face with water and then seal the moisture in with a good moisturizer (See number 1 above for details), preferably containing SPF 30...

Thanks for the comment...

WAHM Shelley... :)