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he cats are not fond of traveling, but anchor your carrier in the back seat, using pheromones and feed them three hours before starting the journey are tricks that help them

Cats are not lovers of travel, and most of them prefer to stay home for the holiday of a human family. Therefore, learning how to travel with cats involves trying to adapt the car to your needs to make it a safe environment and pleasant as possible for the furry friend. How to do this? Six tips to help cats travel in the car: use a carrier placed in the back seat, to get them used to the vehicle, lower the volume of music, make stops, feed them three hours before using pheromones or sedatives and light to travel more quiet.

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Bring the cat carrier

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A trip with cats involves sure to choose a good carrier. Most veterinarians recommend agrees that are rigid and have grills because they are safer.

But where do we place the carrier? The back seat is the safest location. The receptacle must be properly anchored with the seat belt, so it does not move in the event of sudden braking. And off course it must always be closed, so that the cat can not navigate the vehicle.

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accustom the cat to the car

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Trips with cat short drive, weeks before the holiday, help to calm the cat

Cat travel by car will be less stressful if the animal gets used to the car before the holiday.

"A good tip for car travel with cats is to introduce an edible prize in the carrier and make small tours with the animal in the weeks before the trip," concludes an extensive study on cat behavior developed by the University of Ohio.

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Tranquility and low music

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When traveling with cats in the car is important to remain calm. The volume of the stereo should be under the windows of the vehicle and rises to the top, to prevent road noise can frighten even the cat.

The cat will meow to departure, and even all the way. Therefore, it is advisable to speak in a calm tone to calm and not get the carrier as it can be dangerous for him and for other travelers.

What is the best way to ventilate the car when traveling a cat? With the air conditioner or air conditioners, as they are not noisy and maintain the vehicle at a suitable temperature for all occupants, including the pet.

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stops every two hours

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Long trips with a cat, when they exceed two hours of displacement force to make stops.

The cat in car trips involve making stops every two hours, so you can drink water and use your sandbox

These breaks are a great time for the animal to try to do, if you need your needs. And a covered sandbox will be a good ally. "On long trips, you have to make the cat stops to drink water and be able to use your sandbox, but not always use," says the International Association of Care Cats.

But it is very good so the cat does not moving the car, but insist. Remove cat from vehicle involves dangers, among others, as it is lost.

However, you should never leave him alone in the car, let alone summer. Do not underestimate how quickly the temperature rises inside a car as cats also suffer heat stroke, which can be fatal for these animals.

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Sedatives and pheromones in case the cat tide

Some cats get dizzy when traveling: you need to feed them three hours before and using sedatives or pheromones

Some cats get dizzy during car trips, even as a result of stress. In these cases, it helps them to be placed on the carrier on the floor -cuidando that the area is well ventilated and away from heat vent, if the trip is during the winter-between the front and rear seats. Thus they can not see out the window and reduce dizziness.

Before starting the journey it is not over visit to the vet, because he can prescribe a mild sedative for cats (some come in the form of comfortable pipettes), which will contribute to traveling calmer.

"Also, before traveling with cats, should vaporize the vehicle half an hour before synthetic feline pheromones," the expert added. These hormones achieve the cat in the car quieter trip, and can be purchased at almost any veterinary center.

Top 6

Food three hours before the trip

Travelers should feed the cats in the usual way, as any change in your diet can increase your feeling of discomfort and dizziness. But it is important to "give the cat food at least three hours before the trip," the Group of Feline Medicine.

Has you ever traveled with your cat by car and want to share their experience and advice? You can do this in the comments section. Thank you!

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